The Galaxy S IV Might be At CES After All; Behind Locked Doors


I think this is a sign of how big Samsung have become, without even trying they seem to be dominating the media in the run-up to CES. While Android Headlines can be tarred with that brush somewhat as well, it's pretty surprising to see the internet make so much of the Galaxy S IV. We've already heard so much about the device and yet there's no official data to go on whatsoever, which makes the whole thing rather strange but, that's how things have gotten these days, it seems we can't get enough of the latest and greatest and are always looking for the next big thing.

With that in mind it's perhaps not too surprising to see that in the run-up to the craziness that is CES there's a lot of "news" surrounding the Galaxy S IV. The latest rumor is that the Galaxy S IV will indeed be heading to CES but, in a very limited and secret capacity. According to South Korean website MT, the Galaxy S IV will be shown off behind closed doors to executives from carriers and other partners. The devices shown off will be rough prototypes, of course, and will be shown to a very select few. MT believe that Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, Jay Lee, will be the one to show off the device. The report also went to give more credence to the rumor that the S IV will come with a 5-inch 1080p display and run a quad-core Cortex-A15, Exynos 5440 CPU.

Bringing early prototypes of a device to a show in secret like this is hardly surprising, after all, for Samsung to launch both the Galaxy S III and the Note II on all four major U.S. carriers closely together must have took some preparation on Samsung's part. Carriers are notoriously bullish about wanting something special for their own networks and the Galaxy S III offered little exclusivity for the Verizons and AT&Ts of the States. Getting the ball rolling like this is a good move for Samsung and it'd be interesting to see if anybody at the show speaks out of the device.


If this is how CES starts – with rumors and hearsay  – then it might not be too much of a show after all. With Samsung becoming the dominant player in the Android market, a lot of companies will either go big or go bust at this year's CES in Vegas. For companies like Huawei, ZTE and even Sony it must feel like whatever they announce could – and most likely will – be superseded by Samsung's offering in the Spring.

[Source: MT Via; PhoneArena]

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