The Galaxy S IV Is Going to Sell; But Can it Sell 10 Million in a Month?


When is it going to end? The rumors that is, rumors of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone, in particular. Here at Android Headlines we have our own opinions on these rumors that are continuing to come out of everywhere but, we cover them so that you can all get your Android news fix. If you've got something to say about a rumor we love hearing from you guys – you're a very smart bunch, indeed. You can find us on Google+ and we're more than happy to promote discussion in our comments section.

So, there's another rumor surrounding the Galaxy S IV, that's not surprising but what perhaps is a little surprising is the amount of units that South Korean publication thinks Samsung will sell in its first month on sale. 10 Million. Money Today are predicting that the Galaxy S IV will sell 10 Million units within one month of going on sale. That's a hell of a lot of sales and the Galaxy S III had to wait until July time to reach 10 Million units sold.

Personally, I think Money Today are a little crazy when they make this assumption. After all, all they're going on is a report they've been given that Samsung has place an order for around 10 Million components from all of their sub-contractors. That doesn't add up to Samsung forecasting 10 Million sales in a relative instant. What I think that's more to do with is Samsung wanting to avoid a situation that happened last summer with the Galaxy S III still launching a little late in the U.S. Having all your units ready and waiting to be shipped to one of your biggest markets is a smart idea and this is all those orders placed really mean.


Besides, while the S IV is certainly shaping up to be quite the unicorn, there's no telling just how many people put down their current phone and go out and buy the new flagship. Especially those that are more than happy with the Galaxy S III and are locked into a 2-year contract. However  there is the argument to be made that those on a 2-year contract with the S II will want to upgrade to the S IV but all these figures still sound a little far-fetched to me.

[Source: Money Today]

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