T-Mobile To Launch GoSmart Prepaid MVNO Next Month


Interest in prepaid carriers has started to grow greatly ever since Google announced the unlocked Nexus 4 for just $299. Currently, there are several options available, but they've never caught on with the average consumer. Rumors of a T-Mobile MVNO started appearing back in December, as the carrier started to testing the network in select markets under the name "GoSmart." FierceWireless is now confirming the Mobile Virtual Network Operator network and claims that T-Mobile will launch the service nationwide next month. Even though the prepaid network will be owned and operated by T-Mobile, there will be no branding for the carrier.

Three plans are expected to be available at launch. One will cost $30 a month and offer unlimited talk and text. Another will cost $35 and offer 2G or "Edge" data, as well as unlimited talk and text. The final, and one most of you will be interested in, will run $45 a month and offer unlimited talk and text and 5GB of "high speed" data service. It's unclear what "high speed" data is, but we'd assume HSPA+. Users who exceed the 5GB limit will be throttled to 2G speeds and there doesn't appear to be any way to purchase more data to regain faster service. Other included services include voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, and call forwarding to voicemail.

  • $30/mo – Unlimited calling, unlimited texting
  • $35/mo – Unlimited calling, unlimited texting, unlimited 2G data
  • $45/mo – Unlimited calling, unlimited texting, 5GB "high speed" data

T-Mobile will of course prioritize its own postpaid and prepaid customers over those of GoSmart. This means that should there be congestion or problems with the network, T-Mobile customers will be given priority.

GoSmart will launch with a "mobile SIM kit" for $8 and allows customers to bring their own GSM device, assuming it is unlocked.

GoSmart is definitely an intriguing proposition for those of us looking to cut down on our mobile phone bills. I currently pay about $75 a month for 3GB of data, unlimited text, and enough minutes from AT&T. Being able to cut knock $30 off my monthly charge and nearly double my data almost sounds too good to be true. I have to admit, GoSmart plus an unlocked Nexus 4 is awful tempting.


Would you consider switching to GoSmart as your full time carrier? Let us know down in the comments!