Sharp having Trouble Keeping Up with 5 Inch 1080p Panel Orders Putting Shipments Behind


We all are well aware that year 2013 is the going to be the year for 5 inch 1080p displays as we've not only seen more and more devices have these specs, but it's been talked in high volume as well.

CES is going to be the beginning start of this entire trend, and the coming months will follow the trend with Mobile World Congress up just a month after CES. However, it's been heard that the 5 inch 1080p screens may not available to supply the devices that are going to be released.

DigiTimes reported that Sharp has been "facing some serious issues making enough 5 inch 1080p panels." Alarming I know.  Their exact comment to this was:


"Sharp is already behind on shipments for the panel due to high demand in the Taiwan market and it is unclear as to when Sharp will be able to catch up."

Uh-Oh, that can't be good for manufacturers, especially when the year hasn't even really started yet. There are about 3 other companies who make similar panels and they are:

  • JDI
  • Innolux
  • LG

With all the rumors flying around about companies releasing devices that consist of 5 inch 1080p screens, this could be a bit alarming. It's pretty certain that Sony will be using Innolux for their panels, but as for JDI, their clientele is unknown right now, which usually will make some companies stray from using if they do not have a solid customer review base.


So how many companies are apparently planning on releasing these types of devices? We have:

  • LG – Will be unveiling at either CES or MWC.
  • Sony
  • Samsung

Those are the bigger names that come to mind for many, and there are others such as ZTE, which have a device being unveiled at CES as well, that has been talked about for a few weeks now.

This may sound alarming to some, but DigiTimes did make sure to share some good news in regards to Sharp. They said that Sharp had most of the 'kinks' ironed out in regards to the IGZO panels.  IGZO, what is that? IGZO is a "type of LCD technology that's said to deliver ridiculously low power levels and ultra-high screen resolutions." Interesting right? Will this be a new technology we will see being used due to the shortage? Anything is a possibility these days.


Is anyone else concerned about the fact Sharp is not behind on 5 inch 1080p panel production, or do you believe everything will be fine and dandy?

Source:  Android Authority

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