Samsung Set to Announce a 5.8″ Phone?

January 18, 2013 - Written By Randy Arrowood

I’ll confess to not knowing a lot about Sammobile, but that doesn’t mean that this rumor isn’t spot on accurate. The rumor of the day is that Samsung is going to drop a Galaxy Player-esque 5.8″ dual sim phone. No, seriously, that’s actually the rumor. And don’t laugh too hard, Samsung filed trademark registration for the term “Fonblet” less than two weeks ago.

The Galaxy Player is a 5.8″ media player sold in Korea. It’s an unremarkable device with it’s qHD display and shallow pixel density, so it’s a sure bet that this “Fonblet” will be a serious hardware upgrade from that. At least I hope it will be.

From someone like me that’s been around for more than just a few minutes, the idea of these tablet sized phones is absolutely stupid. I can clearly remember how much of a pain in my ass the Motorola DynaTAC actually was, and the absolute sense of liberation that the StarTAC brought with it. Now, we’re happily heading right back to the days when a fella needed a murse just to keep his cellbrick handy.

Samsung is the Android phone leader, and there’s really no disputing that. As the leader, Sammy has to constantly drag the specs forward to keep the underling OEMs from coming out with a wow device, stealing away the attention. They’ve already done bigger screen sizes, and then even bigger screens than that. They’ve got their media consumption properties, their app store and their more refined TouchWiz overlay. Hell, they’ve even got a pen. What’s left? Fonblets, that’s what.

Those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it, and it certainly looks like we’re all going to be forced on to larger and larger screens, because that’s just about the only visual distinction that the OEMs have left at their disposal. I mean, 8 (or more) core processors are nice and all, but you can’t actually see your processor. You can, however, lay your 5.8″ cell phone down on the table in front of your friends, point to it and say: “LOOK AT THAT!”.

Don’t worry, they won’t be laughing at your gigantic phone, they’ll be laughing at the manbag that you pulled it out of.

Source & Image: Sam Mobile via Android Authority