Samsung Sells 100 Million of its Galaxy S Smartphones


If you've been with Android for a long time then you will remember the Galaxy S as one of the best Android smartphones on the market and Galaxy S II and now the Galaxy S III have all been stellar devices. It was two years and seven months ago when the original Galaxy S went on sale and now they've reach a staggering sales figure of 100 Million. That's right, Samsung have now sold 100 Million of their Galaxy S smartphones. That's an incredible number of sales to rack up with three devices in just less than 3 years, we don't know whether Samsung are including the "S Plus" and the "S III Mini" type of phones in these numbers but, even if they are it's an incredible number.

To put such a number in perspective, the population of the United Kingdom is 63,181,775 according to the 2011 census so, Samsung have sold more smartphones in nearly 3 years than there are people in the U.K. Not bad, when you think about it is it? The Original Galaxy S sold 10 Million units in its first year the the Galaxy S II sold 40 Million with the number of units being sold having double since February of this year. As for the current flagship, the Galaxy S III had sold 30 Million units as of November last year. It's a pretty incredible showing in smartphone sales when you think that Motorola don't do well out side of Verizon and the U.S. and HTC are struggling to stay relevant internationally. There are 190,000 Galaxy S IIIs being soldĀ every day.

For a long time now, Samsung's Galaxy S line has been the flag-bearer for the Android eco-system, it's perhaps the first phone that consumers will see running Android and thanks to Samsung's excellent marketing, the S III is beginning to look light years ahead of the iPhone. Google an try as much as they like when it comes to the Nexus line but, unfortunately, Samsung is still the first manufacturer for many to go when looking for a new Android device and with the Galaxy Note line as well they have the Lion's share of the market, indeed.


Here's to Samsung, Android and the Galaxy S Line!!!

Let's hold a little survey shall we? How many of you out there are using some Galaxy S model?

[Source: Samsung]

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