Samsung SAFE Video Advertisement; Prepare for a Unicorn Apocolypse


Samsung has released a new television advertisement and this time the targets have been set on someone other than Apple. Touting the business prowess of the new SAFE for enterprise technology that is being offered on the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II, this time they are setting the sights towards the long time staple in business handset hardware, RIM.

Samsung uses the ad to show off all the aspects of a device that one would need for use as an enterprise tool. Samsung highlights the levels of encryption, multi-tasking, as well as other powerful business sharing tools such as using S-Beam to share the latest version of the mobile game's trailer with office mates.

The new commercial advertisement features a slightly far fetched mobile gaming company that has issued Blackberry handsets to its employees and is in the process of transitioning to a "bring your own device" policy. The advertisement  goes as far as to poke fun at RIM as a well-dressed businessman refers to his Blackberry with "this is business" when talking about his co-worker. Meanwhile, the coworker is closing a deal while watching a sporting event in split-screen on his Samsung Galaxy Note II, to which the "business"  man refers to as "cute". Not uncanny in today's business world, the ad also depicts an employee to have had a second "home" handset, this one is the iPhone. When a co-worker tries to tell her she could have the best of both worlds in a Galaxy SIII, the set-in-her-ways coworker interjects with "respect my system". Of course, the ad also shows basic calling features(yes, "phablets" and "fonblets" still have those) when the crew finds out that the launch is a mere four weeks away. One over-zealous office worker phones Sweden with hopes of ordering up super powered Swedish energy drinks as none of the team will be sleeping for the rest of the month.

Yet another hilarious advertisement from Samsung, with the ad's background story being about a new mobile game launch. The game's title is "Unicorn Apocolypse" and according to the man-in-charge, it will be the biggest mobile release ever for the company. Just go ahead and check out the video for the rest of the hilarity in this latest jovial advert from Samsung.

Source: Samsung Mobile USA


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