Samsung Releases the LaFleur Collection for 2013


It's called the LaFleur collection, and it will stem from the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Samsung Galaxy S Duos, and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.  It would seem that there is nothing really hardware or software wise that will come of the LaFleur collection, but what it will offer is "cutesy back plate designs." Great addition for those who have that cutesy, feminine desire. It has been said to be centered for the ladies, but really anyone could enjoy LaFleur Collection if it's something that they enjoy.

There's been no confirmation on where the LaFleur collections are going for a release, but rest assured it will be put out to the Android Community once something does surface.  Rumors show Russia has been selected to be first. Europe would be in line next, followed by others.


There is a 'rumored' (I'm stressing rumored here) price for the Samsung Galaxy S III to be 22, 990 rubles ($760), which a very pricey device if you ask me. The rest of the listed devices will more than likely be cheaper, so if you want to pay big bucks for that design you've always wanted, here's your chance.

Potential release date is February 1, 2013 for "Russian stores", which happens to be only a day away in my time-zone. Having such a quick release and little time to swallow seems a bit un-real to me, but who knows. There's always that possibility of being wrong.

I can't really give my opinion since there is no real way to see all the "cutesy designs" Samsung will bring for these devices, but judging from the photo of the red "flowery" Samsung Galaxy S III I'm not interested. Then again, I'm not a typical "cutesy" kind of person,  and when I did a google search on "Samsung LaFleur Collection," I was hit with a lot of red, white, and pink devices and those are definitely are not anywhere close to my favorite colors.


How many readers do we have out there that would buy something from the LA Fleur collection? It could be for yourself, or a significant other. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Sources: Phandroid

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