Samsung Presentation Slide Could Hint at Galaxy S IV's 4.99" AMOLED Display


At this year's CES, Samsung made a bit of a splash when they showed off a little more of their flexible display technology and even showed off a sort of concept device to display the sort of the devices that we could come to expect once they've perfected the process. There's a lot of questions left unanswered when it comes to "Youm" – Samsung's new name for their flexible AMOLED display tech – but the main one, will it be in the Galaxy S IV, is still the most prevalent. On that front, we think it's pretty much a definite that the upcoming flagship from the Korean company won't feature the flexible tech.

Samsung didn't just have bendy displays to show off at CES however, as they also had some updates concerning their upcoming mobile displays. Samsung are well known for churning out quality mobile displays of varying sizes and CES was a good place to show that they can continue to do so. The company has long been able to deliver screens between 3.97" and 4.27" with the age-old WVGA (800 x 480) resolution and qHD displays of 4.29". HD Displays can span 4.8" to 5.5" but, it's Full HD that we all want to hear about and Samsung had showed that the Full HD panel of 4.99" and a whopping 440 PPI will be ready in "Q1 '13".




As you can see from the slide above, it looks like Samsung have finalized the display that is going to be at the heart of their new flagship. Last year it might have been too early to talk about the Galaxy S IV – and really, it still is – but 2013 is the year the rest of the competition are finally starting to deliver quality-looking displays as well. Samsung will need to deliver something spectacular when it comes to the Galaxy S IV if they hope to wow consumers as they did with the Galaxy S III and it's going to be interesting to see if anyone can give them a run for their money throughout the year, especially after news of them selling a massive 100 Million Galaxy S smartphones. AMOLED has long been the manner in which Samsung has differentiated their displays from the rest of the crowd but, will it be enough this time around?

[Source: AnAndTech]

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