Samsung Heading for Another Stellar Q4: $8.3 Billion profit on Sales of $53.6 Billion


Every time that Samsung announce these sorts of numbers, we're not surprised that they're making so much money – we can all see that Samsung had a brilliant year in 2012 but what is perhaps a little interesting is that they are the only Android manufacturer out there that can keep this sort of steam going. Samsung haven't posted official results for Q4 2012 but what we have hear is their "preliminary guidance" on the findings and they make for pretty interesting reading – if you like money, and to see how the industry is still growing.

Samsung are looking to post a massive profit of $8.3 Billion on consolidated sales of $53.6 Biillion. They're some serious figures, and close to what we expect to see from Apple, in fact, Apple posted $8.2 Billion profit for Q4 of 2012 so if these figures are correct then Samsung will have barely edged them out. These figures are also an improvement on the same quarter this time last year.

According to Reuters, Samsung are claiming that they sold close to 500 handsets a minute during Q4. Not only that but the company has expressed that there was an increase in third-party manufacturing for them as well. All of this makes Samsung more of a force than they ever have been and paves a good path as we go into 2013, which should be an interesting year for the Korean giant.


It's not all roses for Samsung however, as Reuters are keen to express doubt that they're run of five record-breaking quarters could come to an abrupt end in Q1 of this year when seasonal demand for their smartphones – "their biggest earner" – will hit a sharp low. It'd make sense for Samsung to not ship as many smartphones in Q1 as the previous Q4 but it'll be interesting to see how well they can hold up the momentum when it comes to shipping volumes of smartphones.

We're going to see a lot more from Samsung this year and if the rumors of the Galaxy S IV are to be believed, they're going to bring something very special to the table, do they need more than just another great flagship to stay on top or is their strategy waning?

[Sources: TechCrunch, Reuters]

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