Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Family to Include Another 2560x1600 Tablet

Samsung and Google came up with the first ultra high 2560x1600 resolution tablet, the Nexus 10, which put it at an exact 300 PPI pixel density. While most manufacturers still seem to be stuck on the 1920x1200 resolution (except Vizio), Samsung will be offering another such high-resolution tablet this year, as part of the Galaxy Tab 3 family.

Considering Samsung's latest trend of putting the S-pen into all their high-end, and even mid-end, devices, I assume this tablet might be the next-gen Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. But that may not arrive for a while (late summer or so), and it's possible Samsung wants to launch another such high-resolution tablet soon, that isn't the next-gen Note 10.1 per se.

The codename for this tablet is GT-P8200, and there are other 2 other tablets with the names GT-P3200 and GT-P5200. The other two are presumably a 7" tablet with a 1024x600 resolution, and an 8" tablet with a 1280x800 resolution, which is probably the Galaxy Tab 8.0, which I've already said has a pretty low resolution for 2013, and given its rumored price.

The 10" tablet seems to only have the Exynos 5 Dual processor we've seen in Nexus 10, and I suppose for a spring release, it's not too bad, if it maintains the same price, too. Think of it of a Nexus 10 that gets S-pen support, and all the S-pen enabled apps - although without stock Android, and probably fewer updates as well.

I like Samsung's strategy of adding an S-pen to more and more of their devices. That should only expand the S-pen ecosystem for drawing apps and productivity apps that require handwriting recognition. I wish Google would've taken charge of this with stock Android, but they are not, so Samsung remains the next best thing for now. You do however remain a bit locked into their ecosystem if you want many drawing apps with good active pen support.

What I don't like so much about these 3 upcoming tablets, is that they don't feel very exciting overall. They seem more like filler devices for the spring season, with the now old Galaxy S3 design, and with the same specs from last year. We might have to wait until the 2nd half of the year for the true "next-gen" devices with Exynos 5 Octa processors, and higher resolutions (for the lower-end devices).

[Via PhoneArena]

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