Samsung Becoming One of Highest Earning Companies, Announces 4Q Earnings

January 24, 2013 - Written By Michael Savino

Samsung is one of the fastest growing electronics manufacturers on the planet, with good reason. They are putting out some really great hardware with top of the line features, great software and tons of accessories. Plus, they are widely used so you know that there is third party support and they will always be available for help on the hardware level. Between the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy line of tablets, the Galaxy Note line, and the best selling Galaxy S3, Samsung have been killing it on the market and this has lead to record sales quarter over quarter.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer reported today a net profit of 7.04 trillion won ($6.6 billion), up from 4.01 trillion won in the same period a year earlier. This is a startling progression and great news for the giant OEM which is not only a mobile technology manufacturer but also builds televisions, washers, dryers, and tons of other household items and appliances. This marks the fifth consecutive record quarterly profit for Samsung which recorded a $52.6 billion dollar profit on the fourth quarter, a 19% increase. Nearly half of that is coming from their mobile division which produces the aforementioned devices and has been the largest part of the company in the eyes of western consumers.

On top of the mobile division there were a couple other sections that made up the profits for Samsung this quarter, between their mobile chip manufacturing branch, which brought in $1.3 billion in operating costs, a 39% quarterly increase and their semiconductor business which posted $8.97 billion in sales, a 10% percent increase quarter over quarter.

All of this adds up to one of the strongest electronics companies on the open market today. If they continue to build their profits and introduce amazing devices they could easily be one of the most valuable publicly traded companies ever. It is hard to imagine that only a few years ago they were known only for their appliance and television divisions but now are well known by many for their iconic and groundbreaking mobile technology breakthroughs. I hope that they can continue down this path and show that they still have tons of changes to make in the mobile space. With their recently announced flexible display technologies and 4k televisions, which they are going to be getting into rather soon, there is much more to look forward to in the future with this behemoth of a company.