Rogers Are Finally Treating Customers to Android 4.1 on the One X


For those of you in Canada that are Rogers customers you finally have some good news to celebrate, it looks like Rogers are finally rolling out the Jelly Bean update to those on the One X. It certainly looks like HTC hasn't forgotten you Rogers customers and that your patient waiting has paid off. The update should be rolling out right about now – don't worry if you haven't gotten notification of it just yet as it is more than likely staggered to reduce load on their servers. You might want to make sure you have some time to stick around near a WiFi source as this is no small update, weighting in at a fairly ridiculous 635MB, we guess that HTC hasn't quite learned how to compress updates yet, hey?


There's no word on exactly what is coming in the update but with a file size that large you'd expect something pretty interesting. Of course, the biggest thing here is that One X users will finally be able to tap into the features announced last summer by Google. That means a speed boost in the form of Project Butter, search like never before thanks to Google Now and expandable notifications, to name but a few. HTC will be bringing some of their treats to spice up the mix and the update should include Sense 4+, added camera functions and more.


Roger has yet to update their OS page with the information yet so this is perhaps as fresh an update you're going to be getting. It's certainly taken HTC a long time to sort out Jelly Bean updates for the One Series and Samsung have them beat by a span of months in some cases, it doesn't look like HTC is going to "double-down" on updates this year. It's a little disappointing to know that it's taken them so long to bring an update to a phone that was once their flagship device but, updates are always welcome, no matter how late they are.

If you want to see if the update is ready for download where you are then head over to phone settings and then "about" to check. We hope you get your update and let us know how it goes in the comments!

[Source: Android Police]

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