Redbox Instant Will Be Hitting Android Starting This March


In today's world of inter-connected devices, the TV is beginning to look a little old and while there's a plethora of options to give that TV a brain to access the world outside sometimes, you want to just hop into the fast lane and get content straight on your device. With Verizon's upcoming Redbox Instant service you'll be able to do just that and while there's already Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime there must be room for one more player in this space, surely?

Well, it looks as though time will tell because the service is said to be launching come early March. When the service goes live you'll be able to sign up for a new account and download the new Android app. Redbox Instant is going to cost $8 a month and will include not just the instant side of things – which is unlimited streaming – but you'll be able to rent four DVDs from any of Redbox's kiosks, of which there are 42,600 of them across the United States. So, how much "stuff" does Redbox have to offer us? Well, the service is claimed to have around 7,500 movies in their library which doesn't sound too amazing but, there's got to be something you'll like inĀ amongstĀ all that. Netflix doesn't have a solid number on how many titles they have in their collection and it could be anywhere from 9,000 to 60,000.

For Verizon to partner with Redbox like this might sound like a strange concept but, the two of them have been beta-testing the service for some time now. It's not as if Redbox doesn't know the market by now either, and they wouldn't be foolish enough to launch something like this if they didn't think they had what it takes to keep up with Netflix and Hulu. Shawn Strickland, CEO of Redbox Instant, has said this week at CES that while they will be focusing on Movies at first they haven't ruled out providing TV shows in the future. Personally, the main use my girlfriend and I get out of Netflix is TV shows and I'm not sure how many will be happy to pay $8 a month without options to get access to TV series as well. How would you use the service?


Take a look at their trailer to see more:

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