Quick Review: Element Eclipse Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3


Today, we are looking at the Element Eclipse case for the Galaxy S3. Element just started expanding their cases to Android and currently only make cases for the Galaxy S3 and a variety of iDevices. For the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can choose from the Eclipse and Atom case, the Eclipse case has a kickstand on the back with a slab of kevlar.

Video Review




Overall the design looks pretty nice. But I'm not a huge fan of the front plate. It's made of metal and if you take your case off to switch batteries constantly, you're going to hate it. It's very flimsy and I actually bent it the first time I removed it. Other than that, I loved the design of the case, along with the kickstand on the back and the slab of kevlar makes it looks pretty nice.

A big feature of this case is the way it redirects sound. In the video review above we showed you the difference between the case being on and it being off. There is a bit of a difference, but it's nothing "revolutionary" but if you're a huge sound junky, you'll love the changes it brings for your Galaxy S3.


  • The built-in kickstand, I love having a built-in kickstand. Makes it much easier for watching videos.
  • Overall quality. There's no doubt, this is a high quality case


  • Like I said, the front place is pretty flimsy, but if you don't remove your case often this shouldn't bother you
  • The price, it's list price is $65 from Element's website
  • The case makes it a bit difficult to use your power and volume buttons, but you do get used to it over time.


Final Thoughts

It's a great case, but would I spend $65 for it? Probably not. But I am not a huge fan of cases. For me, the main reasons why I wouldn't buy it is because I can't use it with my extended battery. We all know how I love my battery life right? Now if it were for the Nexus 4 or the HTC Droid DNA, I'd definitely get it because I won't be switching out batteries. So don't get me wrong, it is a great case, and the folks at Element have done a great job putting it together as well.

You can purchase the case on Element's website here.