Optimus G Pro All But Official; Bigger Than We Expected

It's now all but official, Korean news agencies have been reporting that LG has new flagship device and it will in fact be called the Optimus G Pro. The device will have a 5.5" display boasting a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Reports are that the new handset could hit the streets later in this quarter.

Reports have been leaked here and there over the past few weeks that pretty much spell out this new release for us. It will come loaded with a quad-core snapdragon S4 pro that will be clocked up to 1.7 GHz and be equipped with 2GB of RAM. We should be looking as well at 32GB of internal storage and the Pro will bring along the 13MP camera that we saw in the original Optimus G. About the only difference that has come to light with these newest reports from Korea is that the 5.0" Full HD screen that we originally reported has now been confirmed to actually be a 5.5" Full HD display. The report also claims that LG plans to ramp up the user experience and hardware features for the Optimus G Pro.

With all the recent hub-bub around LG and their collaborative release of the Nexus 4 with Google, as well as the Nexus 4's brother, the Optimus G (original), it seems like things may just be looking up for LG. This however, is looking to be just an  incremental upgrade of the Optimus G. Looking at the landscape of the mobile world today, this could just turn out to be what most consider to be a third place manufacturer going with the natural flow of progression and not necessarily doing what LG needs to do to secure a place in the warm fuzzy hearts of Android lovers. LG needs to do something outstanding to win over an Android public that has been voting with its dollar for rival Samsung for a good while now.

Now, with earlier reports from Android Headlines all but confirmed (with a pinch of salt added just for good measure), we must wait to get our hands on the real deal to see just how powerful and beautiful this thing is in real life. Will this be the next big thing or just the next LG device on the shelf next to the next big things from Apple and Samsung? You can bet on one thing, as soon as one hits the ground, we will have picture and video evidence that show just what it can do.

Source: [YONHAP News]

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