NVIDIA Joins the 'Cloud' Community and Unveils NVIDIA Grid



Cloud computing is not something new, and with each year it becomes bigger and bigger and each company starts to develop their own cloud computing software. We have Google Drive for Google, Microsoft has Sky Drive, Apple has the iCloud, and there's many other cloud software programs that are out there. Tonight NVIDIA has the floor at CES and has presented us with NVIDIA Grid.


What is NVIDIA Grid? It's a cloud-gaming software that will be run by NVIDIA's 'powered' servers. These servers will 'compute and calculate everything needed to render 3G games' and a user will be able  to stream games to their location.  Not only will they be able to stream to their location, but they will be able to do it from:

  • Any display
  • Any monitor
  • Any notebook
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

NVIDIA's Grid will help alleviate the fact that many in the gaming world have long latency, or low quality when it comes to their graphics. Definitely loving the sounds of that, yes, yes! They will make gaming as easy as what they refer to as "renting a movie."

NVIDIA Grid will offer many features, some of which are:

  • Graphics that will have amazing graphics with the latest GeForce GPU technology
  • Low latency that will allow a better gaming experience
  • Reduced power and cost for service operators

I'm pretty excited about this new development, and this will be a great thing if it turns out to be as good as they keep saying it will be.

They will also have good hardware and software running NVIDIA Grid,  the server will  have multi-processors boards with Kepler-architecture GPUs.   Just one NVIDIA Grid processor will consist of:

  • 3,072 CUDA Cores
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 320 GB/sec for memory performance
  • 250w TDP

When cloud-computing first came out I was skeptical, but since it has evolved it has been a piece of technology that I use and depend on for a regular basis. I use cloud computing for many things, but mostly for my pictures since keeping memories of my family is so important to me.


I look forward to Nvida Grid and being able to use it especially for my gaming purposes.

Who else is excited for NVIDIA Grid?

Source: Android Central / NVIDIA

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