Nvidia Could Make Their Own Smartphones and Tablets; With a Twist


There's an interesting rumor that has come out of Russia today, that Nvidia may well start to make and sell their own smartphones and tablets, albeit with a twist.  Eldar Murtazin of Russia's Mobile Review has reason to believe that Nvidia will soon start making their own smartphones and tablets. However, that doesn't mean you're going to see Nvidia displays on shelves, at least not in the traditional sense.

The manner in which Nvidia are said to be doing this is through OEMs out of China and other regions. Think of the way you buy a graphics card today – they're all from Nvidia but you might be buying an ASUS, Gainward, Palit, MSI etc. This is how Mobile Review think Nvidia are going to enter the smartphone and tablet market. Nvidia will handle the reference designs of the devices and than manufacturers in China, Russia and India that will handle low-cost production. It's all part of their plan to get the Tegra platform out there more than ever and make sure that they are a big name in the mobile processor game.

Of course, there is another import reason that Nvidia want to get more Tegra devices out there. Games. Nvidia are a pretty big name in the gaming industry and with Project SHIELD they outlined their plans to become known for more than good graphics cards. We all know the green company for their graphics cards and the Tegra name is getting bigger and bigger but Tegra Zone isn't as big as Nvidia would like it to be. With more and more devices out there running on the Tegra platform, the more gamers buying and playing games from the Tegra Zone.


According to Mobile Review this will begin starting in May – June time this year and apparently, this year's Holiday Season will be packed with Tegra 4 running tablets and smartphones. It doesn't sound like too bad an idea, after all with Nvidia handling the reference design it allows them enough control to watch over the platform and make sure everything is to their liking without having to front the cost of building the devices in question.

The question is: will it work?

[Source: Mobile Review]

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