Nexus 7 Dock to Be Finally Available in Europe and the U.S. Around Mid-January


The Nexus 7 was certainly a very successful tablet throughout 2012 and a lot of people have adopted it as a wholesale day-to-day device, with a good looking display and an easy to carry footprint it's one of the best tablets out there. Let's not forget that this thing is a Nexus as well, there's no need to worry about updates or anything like that as you can rest assured that you'll be covered. With tablets becoming so popular, it stands to reason that accessories for them will increase in popularity as well but, Google and ASUS have dragged their feet on bringing anything concrete to the Nexus 7.

There are a couple of official accessories for the tablet, cases mostly but there's nothing out there to make the Nexus 7 become part of your desk or something more. A tablet can be really useful as a second display or just a clock and with the Nexus 7 coming in at a very compact package, it's pretty easy to set-up the Nexus 7 as a clock or a news ticker or something like that. Of course there are a number of tablet stands out there that will do the job but they're not the most elegant of solutions.

A true docking station is something that's very nice to have but there are often not a lot of options out there for tablets, we've known that there was a dock for the Nexus 7 for what feels like forever but we didn't know just when we were going to be able to get our hands on it. B&H Photo recently threw the dock up for pre-order in the States but there was no word on availability in Europe. Now has been passed word from ASUS Benelux that the Google Tablet dock will be available in mid-January. Also, B&H Photo has the device listed as shipping from January 10th.


The dock comes with audio out for playing music from the Nexus 7 and there's microUSB in to keep the device charged. What's really nice about the dock is that it utilizes the tablet's pogo pins in order to charge the device, which means it's as simple as dropping the Nexus in and yanking it out, no need to worry about that microUSB port with this one. Unfortunately there's no video out on this device but then the Nexus 7 isn't meant for that. So, will you be picking one of these up for your Nexus 7?


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