More Sense 5 Leaks; Possible Sighting of The "M7"


HTC might not be holding a press conference or anything like that at this year's CES but that doesn't mean that there's a lack of news surrounding the company. Leaks surrounding codenames and such have been coming out for a while now and there's been some leaks of the Sense 5 interface as well. It still doesn't look like HTC will have anything to show off at CES this year but it's interesting to see what might become of the new interface. HTC have used the Sense interface for years now and it doesn't seem like they're ready to give it up.

The latest leaks seem to suggest a revamped lockscreen that could do away with the ring-based screen we've grown accustomed to from HTC:




Whether or not these leaks are genuinely from the new build of Sense is up in the air right now and perhaps too early to say confidently either way but, they do have that "sense look" about them. There's been talk of HTC revamping the Sense interface a little when we first heard some more details of their upcoming "M7" device. It also looks like the settings access in the notification pulldown are getting some treatment as well:

Sense5SettingsAs leaks go these don't look like much to go on and these could well be doctored fakes but, the fact that they've taken the time to doctor out certain settings and features could suggest that they have a genuine unit on their hands and do not want HTC to hit them with any legal action. Aside from a couple more screenshots that is supposedly the new Sense 5 interface there is also an incredibly blurry image of a new handset, that could well be the HTC M7.


M7We're not sure what to think when it comes to these leaks but there really isn't much to go on at this point anyway. However, if we were to pass judgement then I'd say that these are more than likely doctored in some fashion. If they are real, then HTC might have more of a problem on their hands than just "marketing" with Sense they always seem to create a polarized user base and these leaks shots look as if they are carrying on with a user interface that hasn't been too successful for them in the past.

[Source: Pocketnow]

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