More Screenshots Emerge of Sense 5; HTC Cleaning Up Their UI Some More?


As time counts down ever closer to MWC to be held next month in Barcelona there are more and more rumors coming out from the rumor mill. Needless to say, the busy season for the rumor mill is in full effect. HTC are obviously going to show a new device at MWC next month and while we can't tell if it's going to be their new flagship, they'll have to bring something good to compete with Sony's Xperia Z and pre-empt a strike from Samsung in March.

We covered news of the Droid DNA being spotted running a build of Sense 5 and now we have some more info. The infamous mdeejay of XDA has let word out that the ROM is running the DNA as a port from a M7 destined for Sprint and that it's running pretty nicely but, he can't release it just yet. While DNA users will have to wait a while longer, there are some more screenshots from Sense 5 to take a look at. Some of these have been seen before and a couple of them are new:

sense-5-screenies1-650x384From the shots we can see the lock screen that we've gotten a look at before, which could suggest the doing away with the ring mechanism that has been present in Sense ever since the Sensation. In the middle of the block above we can see a shot of a homescreen displaying some more icons and the look of folders. It certainly looks like HTC are taking design cues from Holo icons and introducing them into Sense, I'm not a fan of sense but, I like the look of these icons. Then there's the call screen which looks to be a lot cleaner from Sense 4.


sense-5-screenies2From the settings menu we can see even more influence taken from the Holo theming, the font used seems to be a little different and it doesn't look too much unlike a normal Android app. Like I say, I'm not a fan of Sense but, these icons look pretty nice and it definitely looks like they're trying to refine the skin even more. I'm pretty sure we'll hear a lot about the design process concerning Sense 5 pretty soon but, are they flogging a dead horse at this point?

[Source: XDA Via: Droid-Life]


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