Madfinger Games Announces Dead Trigger 2 Coming To Tegra 4 Devices In Q2

dead trigger 2 launch

Everyone that reads the game articles here at androidheadlines knows the extent of my appreciation for Madfinger games and the work they do. It goes without saying that they arguably put out some of the best games for mobile devices. Period. That being said, it should come as no surprise that once I heard madfinger had announced what their big teaser was about I was more excited than a fat kid in a bakery shop surrounded by endless supplies of donuts and delicious treats. You can catch the original post here from madfinger on their Facebook page. It was a quaint and rather intriguing little photo and immediately got people talking. I will say this, Dead Trigger 2 as the announcement upcoming is anything but a letdown, and you will see from the video and images that it looks amazing. However, I was deeply hoping for a follow up in the Samurai series or a completely new game series. Alas, we must wait I suppose.


There was a little wind under the wings when it came to truths of speculations about the Dead Trigger sequel. As of yesterday though, thanks to NVIDIA and Madfinger, they confirmed its future arrival by showcasing a little demo of the game running on a Tegra 4 chip device to make our mouths water. And water they did. The graphics update to this game, (which will run on the Unity engine just as the previous game, as well as Madfinger’s Shadowgun series) is simply put, just damn amazing. Console gamers need not cringe when they want to get down and dirty with a little on the go gaming with titles like this to look forward to.


Thanks to NVIDIA all the way from Las Vegas at CES for previewing the gaming power behind Tegra 4 and Project Shield, NVIDIAS gaming console for at home or on the go. I loved Dead Trigger. It can be a bit repetitive at times, but Madfinger has always been good about the updates and keeping it fresh, and with the follow-up on the way, zombie game fanatics will have something to rekindle the love once lost in gaming sessions of yore due to dwindling replay value. The official announcement for Dead Trigger 2 is that it’s coming sometime in Q2. No other details about when and where it will hit first. Although I suspect that with the following of Tegra gamers out there we may see it hit Android before iOS this time. At least I’m hoping. Expect it to be featured in the TegraZone app, so those of you that will be on a brand new cutting edge Tegra 4 device on the cusp of release, you will most likely see this soon after. If you’re a gamer that is. If you’re not, why a Tegra 4 device I ask you? WHY? That’s all we have for now on this very exciting piece of gaming news, but keep your mouse button near that Android Headlines bookmark, because we’ll definitely have the updates to information about Dead Trigger 2 covered. Watch the video below courtesy of Mobile Geeks. Thanks guys for this little preview of the game.

FPS gamers look out. Dead Trigger 2 is coming…. and it’s going to kick you in the teeth. Or rather, rip them out and use them to chew you to bits.