LG Hope to Sell 45 Million Smartphones in 2013; Will They?


With CES out of the way and MWC fast-approaching it looks like all the big players are ready to take stock and really ready themselves for the new year at large. Out of all the big players we expect to see experience some growth in 2013, it's LG. They had a good year towards the end of last year and their flagship device in the U.S. – the Optimus G – showed the U.S. industry that they can play toe-to-toe with the likes of Samsung and HTC. Releasing the Optimus G on more than one major carrier near the same time is akin to the feat Samsung achieved with their Galaxy S III, but they still have a lot to do when it comes to convincing he average consumer that they are a good brand to get behind.

So, in the year of 2013, LG are looking to sell 75 Million "handheld" devices of which 45 Million of them are smartphones. It's that 45 Million number that we're going to focus on here and it's worth noting that it comes from "anonymous executive working for an LG Korean partner". As it always seems to be the case with LG, it's said that the Korean manufacturer is to release "quite a number of new Optimus devices this year". They've played the numbers game before and it doesn't appear to have worked for them in the past, they've gotten a bad reputation for releasing device after device without supporting those already o the shelf and without any care in the world. Both of which are dangerous games to play in this current smartphone market.

However, LG are not just banking on Android and for the first time there is word of them releasing devices "that will run Microsoft's Windows Phone 8" which is an nteresting situation to say the least. You'd be unsurprised to found out that are opinion of Windows Phone round these parts isn't great. On a personal level I see nothing wrong with what Microsoft are doing with Windows Phone I just think they're not doing enough of it and if they're to increase their meagre market share then they're going to have to do more.


Do LG have what it takes to become a major force in the mobile game? Would you want to buy an Android smartphone from them aftr the LG Nexus launch and their poor update record?

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