LG Claiming There Are No Supply Issues for the Nexus 4; Also Denies New Nexus

lg nexus 4 sold out

Okay, this news you probably won’t believe. Especially if you’re one of the many still waiting on your Nexus 4, or checking the Play Store everyday for a Nexus 4. But LG would like you to believe there have been no Supply issues with the Nexus 4. So then what’s the problem? LG has also openly denied the rumors of them working on a new Nexus device. In fact they called the rumors “unfounded”. A few hours ago we reported on a new rumor (that was most likely false anyways) that LG was working on a new phone and tablet, and all the specs for both devices. And looking at the specs for the Nexus 5, they definitely looked fake, but the Nexus 7.7 specs looked like they were likely to be real.

We also reported last week that LG had stopped production on the Nexus 4, which we thought was false and we now know it is. Or at least LG wants us to think it’s fake. But no supply issues? Then what is going on with the Nexus 4? Both the 8GB and 16GB versions are sold out on the Google Play Store, and if there are no supply issues, then why can’t I order a Nexus 4?There’s gotta be more to this story then what we know here.

Both of these statements were provided by an unnamed LG official who spoke to the Chosun Ilbo. Although this is kind of a “he said/she said”, but it only makes sense that they aren’t stopping production on the Nexus 4. But the part that doesn’t make sense is the Nexus 4 Supply issues. But we’ve already beaten that dead horse. But as far as LG denying the next generation Nexus 4, that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Since LG won’t officially say they are working on it until Google officially unveils the device. Whether that be at Google I/O or another event in the fall.

So there you have it. No Nexus 4 supply issues, and no LG next generation Nexus devices. I really hope they don’t make the next one. Hopefully Google returns to Samsung or even HTC for the fifth generation Nexus device. Let us know in the comments if you believe these comments from this unnamed LG official.