Lenovo Planning Android-running Convertible Notebook; IdeaPad Yoga to Learn Android?


If CES was pretty bare when it comes to smartphones and tablets, it was certainly not short on convertible laptops and ultrabooks. If anything, it looks like Intel are soon going to be asking all of their partners to produce something that swivels, twists or flips. In fact, chipzilla are already showing signs of such a thing as they've added touch as a mandatory requirement for OEMs and partners to use the "Ultrabook" moniker that Intel are pushing very hard. One such example of this – and perhaps the best known – is Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga that has a number of different modes, like tent, tablet and traditional laptop. These convertibles have yet to take off, which is perhaps to do with pricing and Windows 8 but, Lenovo could be ready to bring Android into the fray when it comes to convertibles.


DigiTimes – yes, DigiTimes – are reporting that Lenovo have plans to bring Android to a form factor similar to that of their IdeaPad Yoga 11S, an 11.6" convertible Windows 8 machine. The interesting part of this is that the company could well use Intel chips in order to make it happen, which would make them the first manufacturer to use an Intel chip in an Android tablet. We've seen glimpses of the power that the Lenovo K900 can deliver on Android and it would make sense to bring this sort of power to a form factor that could really take advantage of it.



Lenovo were apparently very close to releasing an Android tablet using an Intel processor but decided to hold off due to competition from the iPad and the looming Windows 8 launch. While this all seems nice, it's worth noting that this is DigiTimes that we're talking about so, take all of this with a pinch of salt. Lenovo are said to be looking at launching such a device come the summer of this year, the real question is, will Android stand up to Windows RT?

Pricing might be one area Lenovo could deliver a competitive product, they could price an Android convertible at a lower price-point than one based on Windows 8 and Google's Play Store has a lot more apps to offer than the younger Microsoft Store. It sounds like an interesting idea and more people than ever are swapping to an Android tablet as their regular use case and with some extra power from Intel and a keyboard it could fill the gap of a laptop for many.


[Source: DigiTimes]

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