Leaked Images Show Off More of The Xperia Z; Stays Dry Through "Skeleton" Frame

When it comes to Sony's upcoming devices - now known as the Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL - it's perhaps not surprising to see even more information leak out before the official announcement by Sony has been made. The two devices which we long knew as the "Yuga" and the "Odin" were perhaps an as worse kept secret as the LG Nexus 4. It's almost as if the two Xperia phones have already been released, seeing as we know them so well. In all seriousness though, leaks like these can be a lot of fun, as it keeps us guessing as to what "killer app" the devices could have, on the other hand it could be pretty damaging for Sony if there nothing else to announce alongside these leaked features.

The latest leaks come in the form of more press images - the type that would look right at home on a presentation slide - and detail some more features of the devices, specifically the Xperia Z, here. For instance, one image lets out that there will be HDR (High Dynamic Range) for both pictures and video.


Sony have always had a good idea of what makes color pop when it comes to images and video after all, they do make a leading brand of HD TV as well. Speaking of which, the Xperia Z will be coming with a "Full HD Reality Display" which will make colors look both vivid and defined. The Japanese company has always loved to bring their Bravia knowledge down to their displays and at such a high resolution, we certainly hope it'll show with the Xperia Z.


Having such a fantastic display is one thing but without a great camera to record or capture it, there's little point on a smartphone. Sure, there's Netflix and YouTube but sometimes you just want to watch your own memories back. With the new Exmor RS sensor, Sony are apparently bringing a 13MP sensor to market with the Xperia Z and their Exmor sensor tech has been stellar up until now, hopefully they can keep it up.



As for one of the more bizarre aspects of the Xperia Z, it's said to be waterproof and with these leaked images, we get a glimpse at just how they're going to acheive such a feat. It's said that the Xperia Z will have a "skeleton frame structure" - we're not sure how that would improve resistance to liquid but, I think we'd all wish for it as soon as our smartphones were covered in beer or there's been an accident with the kids. Such a frame might promote run-off or something like that but, it's not too long until Sony will be telling us just how they've done it themselves.


As far as specifications go, they still stand with the current speculation that the Xperia Z will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, a Full HD 5-inch Display and a 13MP camera. Specifics like storage and battery life will be announced soon and I, for one, cannot wait. I've been looking forward to something like this from Sony ever since they bough Ericsson out of the joint venture and hopefully, through the right marketing and deals, the Xperia Z will be the first Sony that a large portion of the U.S. will get to enjoy.

[Source: E-Price]

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