JK Shin Says The Galaxy S4 Will Not Be Announced At MWC 2013


Early rumors claimed that we would see the Galaxy S4 at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, but unfortunately, we didn’t and Samsung had a pretty small mobile presence at the event. Since the flagship was a no show at CES, rumors of a Mobile World Congress announcement started appearing. This time, however, we won’t even have to wait for the event to take place before debunking the rumor. According to iNews24, Samsung mobile head JK Shin has confirmed that the latest Samsung flagship will not make an appearance at MWC in Barcelona next month.

This isn’t that much of a surprise, to be honest. Samsung is getting to Apple’s level and no longer needs to announce devices at trade shows. The company carries enough weight to hold its own event and invite members of the press to it.

As far as when the Galaxy S4 will actually be announced remains to be seen. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III at an event in May of 2012, so it seems logical that the South Korean company will continue that trend this year. The Galaxy S III began shipping to select markets that same month, but didn’t arrive in the United States until June. It may be that Samsung hopes to do a global release of the device, much like Apple does with the iPhone. Samsung certainly holds the power to do that and it would make a lot of sense. Samsung Lebanon posted before CES that the Galaxy S4 would be unveiled in May of this year, but later retracted that statement and said it didn’t actually have any exclusive information, but rather was going off of the precedent set by the Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S4 rumors have been around for a while now, but all have been debunked shortly after their publication, so we really don’t have any solid information about a design or specs at this point.

Speculating is always fun, though. What do you think the Galaxy S4 will have in store? Will it be a major upgrade or just a small spec bump? When do think the device will be announced? Let us know all of your thoughts, hopes, and wishes down in the comments!

Source: iNews24