Is This Leaked Photo The Galaxy S IV? Probably Not


Can you smell that? That my friends, is the smell of CES, the wafty scent of rumors, smartphone announcements and a scorching sort of scent as your RSS feeds light up. With CES so close there's always going to be rumors on what might be coming or, in the case of Samsung's flagship, this is the time of year when the rumors really start to kick off and from now until whenever the hell they decide to announce the thing, we'll be hearing a rumor every couple of days. Okay, so it's not going to be that bad but, you all know what happened with the S III and all of the crazy rumors that surrounded the phone until it was announced by Samsung.

One of the more bizarre things surrounding the Galaxy S IV is that some folks on the internet actually thought that Samsung might announce or show the thing off at CES. This just isn't going to happen and while we like to bring you all the news we can, it doesn't mean that we always agree with it. Speaking of not agreeing with things, take a look at the photo below:



According to SamMobile, that's a leaked image of the Galaxy S IV in the very flesh. Erm, no. Here at Android Headlines we really don't think that it is an image of the Galaxy S IV and there are a number of reasons why that is. One of the bigger reasons that this doesn't look like it could be the next Galaxy S phone is that the shape of the device looks more like a throwback to the Galaxy S II design, it's a rectangle encased in the same bezel we saw from the first Galaxy S device.

As Samsung has shown with the Galaxy S III they are moving away from these rectangular sort of designs in search of something a little more, "natural". While the screen size – which is rumored to be a 4.99" panel with a 1080p resolution – does look to fit with rumors and the lack of any sort of hardware buttons is pretty unlike Samsung. Launching devices with a physical home button seems like something Samsung is not ready to leave behind as the S III and the Note II has shown. Overall, this photo looks like something from the Note line and we have heard that Samsung are looking at adding an entry level phablet to their line up, albeit without the S-Pen. Take a look at the photo of the Galaxy Grand below, then look again at the placement of the camera and sensors on the "S IV" picture above. They're not exact but, they look ridiculously similar and you don't think these press images have all the manufacturing measurements 100% correct, do you?

Samsung-GALAXY-Grand-e1355824588801So, all-in-all this looks very much like a fake and while we never know, we'd like to think that Samsung had something a little more "interesting" in store for the Galaxy S IV. We think it's a wind-up but, what do you think?


[Source: SamMobile]

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