In Mountain View sits the Best Place to Work in America

January 17, 2013 - Written By Nathan Harbin


For the fourth time Fortune has named Mountain View’s pride and joy: Google, as the number one spot on its list of the top 100 companies to work for.  Google also held these honors in the year previous and just for kicks; Apple has never placed in the top 100. Google employs 18,500 people in the United States which accounts for over half of its total number of employees around the globe.

What makes it so great?(From Fortune)
The Internet juggernaut takes the Best Companies crown for the fourth time, and not just for the 100,000 hours of subsidized massages it doled out in 2012. New this year are three wellness centers and a seven-acre sports complex, which includes a roller hockey rink; courts for basketball, bocce, and shuffle ball; and horseshoe pits.

Could it be all the perks that make Google so great to work for?  From on-site medical and dental facilities to its gourmet restaurants, Google has most every aspect of its employees’ lives covered in the best of ways.  They even have a Global Education Leave program which offers employees up to 5 years and $150,000 in reimbursement for pursuing higher education, a $500 take-out meal plan for new parents, and unlimited sick leave.

Google also usually allows the employees to play around with the gadgets and products that are created there. As well as, provide feedback and suggestions on these products to the designers, developers, and engineers behind them.  Google+ and Gmail are just a couple of the more popular products that have gone through this employee test process.

Google treats their employees with great respect and gets the same respect back.  They allow employees to voice their opinions and ideas and management actually listens and pays attention to each and every request.

It could be any one of these things that make Google the best place to work in the United States and most employees of other company’s only dream of having even one of the aforementioned perks.  With all of these perks hanging around the necks of each Google employee, it is easy to see that it is a combination of all of these that make it number one.

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Source: CNN-Money