Forced To Shut Down And Hand Over ROMs and Domain to HTC

January 24, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Those of you that own an HTC device, have probably heard of and even visited It’s a site that posts all the RUU’s for HTC devices. The owner of the site was forced to surrender his site after a representative HTC’s legal team suggested this was the only way that they could “resolve” his unauthorized hosting of HTC’s software. However, there was no formal legal action was taken against the owner. HTCRUU has been around for a long time and is simply a repository of Sense ROMs for HTC phones. But all of a sudden, HTC didn’t like that and informed James that his site was infringing on HTC’s trademark and copyrights.

The site actually did infringe on their trademark and copyrights. Since it did use HTC’s logo, HTC’s name in the URL and it hosted proprietary HTC software. All of this without permission from HTC. While what was doing was 100% violating HTC’s intellectual property rights, but we can still see why people are getting upset about it.


Generally, HTC has left the custom ROM community to its own devices, apart from individuals who actively sought to publish unreleased HTC software. And because of this, we now have a thriving developer community for HTC devices at our favorite sites like Rootzwiki, and XDA. But shutting down may be a shift toward a stance of more active policing for the company.

This shutdown has resulted in all the RUU’s being removed from the site, both custom and stock ROMs. And eventually transferring the domain to HTC, on the grounds of trademark infringement. Also, all the files in temporary storage ( also have to be cleared out. For more information you can check out the emails leading up to the shutdown here, and this Reddit thread.

How many of you have used HTCRUU to get your HTC smartphone back to stock? I know I’ve used it a few times with my old HTC Sensation 4G. Are you upset about this shutdown? Let us know in the comments below.