HTC to Use Sharp’s Full HD Panels in M7; Perhaps IGZO?

January 18, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

When it comes to rumors, no device manufacturer is safe and if there is speculation to be made, then the internet is going to run wild. Here at Android Headlines we don’t want to bring you every single rumor that passes under our noses but, we also want to bring you the latest Android news as soon as we can. When there’s something that we feel is substantial and worth reporting on – we’ll bring it you.

With that said, there’s yet another rumor surrounding the upcoming HTC M7 that’s pegged to be HTC’s new flagship and to be announced at this year’s Mobile Word Congress – just like the One Series was last year. We’ve seen some alleged screenshots of Sense 5, we’ve even gotten a look at what looks to be an early render of the device but now we’re hearing about the device’s display, perhaps the most integral part of a smartphone these days, what with them becoming ever larger.

HTC are said to be looking towards Sharp for Full HD Displays with 468 PPI, due to AU Optronics – based in Taiwan – apparently struggling with yields when it comes to production of their Full HD OLED panels. It’s interesting to see that HTC are considering going with Sharp as they’ve used a lot of Sony’s SLCD displays in the past and it would be a shock to see them change to Sharp now. however, there could be some good news that comes along with such a supply change, first of all Sharp make some very good displays and their new IGZO technology they perfected last year is said to be half as intensive on the battery life of a device.

I think we could all do with some more battery life in our device and if it came from a Sharp display, I don’t think any of us could complain. HTC’s upcoming M7 is said to be their entry in the Full HD game and the successor to the One X+ and Droid DNA as a flagship device. The Taiwanese company will be looking to deliver as good a screen as they can in upcoming devices as they’ve become known for some stunning displays in the One X and now the Droid DNA.

Are you looking forward to the M7?

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