Android How to: Set Up Your HTC Droid DNA


The HTC Droid DNA was a groundbreaking device for Verizon. In it's biggest way it was the first 1080p device to hit Verizon's network. So here's how we set it up for initial use. This is a very easy guide, that even users that never used Android before can follow. So without making you wait any longer let's get this show on the road.

  1. Turn on your HTC Droid DNA
  2. Select your Language, since this phone is only available in the US you'll most likely leave it on English
    2013-01-25 23.41.20
  3. Next the Setup Wizard will tell you what you'll be doing in this Setup Wizard
    2013-01-25 23.41.26
  4. Next you'll be able to set up your Exchange or other Mail accounts. Tap on the account you want add and fill in your credentials (Note: This does not include Gmail, you'll do that a bit later)
    2013-01-25 23.41.31
  5. Next the Setup Wizard will have enable or disable different GPS services. Feel free to enable any of these, or none at all. Normally I only turn on "Standalone GPS Services".
    2013-01-25 23.41.40
  6. On the next screen there are links to Basic Setup and Usage videos, My Verizon Mobile videos and a keypad tutorial
    2013-01-25 23.41.45
  7. Next, the Droid DNA will ask you if you use Gmail, you can skip this part if you want. But if you want to use your device to its full capacity you'll want to add your Google/Gmail account.
    2013-01-25 23.41.50
  8. Next you'll enter your Gmail credentials
    2013-01-25 23.42.00
  9. It'll sign you in, and if your email or password is wrong the setup wizard will let you know.
    2013-01-25 23.42.18
  10. Next, you'll be asked if you want to restore from your Google Account (meaning apps, wifi passwords, etc.), and if you want to keep this device backed up with your Google Account.
    2013-01-25 23.42.25
  11. Once that finishes restoring your account, you are all set. You can now enjoy your brand new HTC Droid DNA!
    2013-01-25 23.42.32

That's it. It's just that simple. After those 11 steps, you are now ready to experience full HD content on your Droid DNA. Now you're ready to get into customizing your HTC Droid DNA. You'll be able to find plenty of other guides, and how to's here at Android Headlines along with the normal Android news. So make sure you bookmark us and subscribe to our RSS feed, so you don't miss a thing.