Google Making A Stand and Could Be Attacking Samsung with Project: X-Phone


This has been a widely talked about possibility coming, not so much in leaks per say, but definitely in that many of Android lovers would love to see Google use their secret.

When you see X-Phone what comes to mind right away? I am hoping that many of you say Motorola. Motorola was acquired by Google some time ago, and we have yet to see anything come from what we all thought to be a great merger that would produce stunning devices. However that wasn't the case, but the tables have turned now, or at least that is what we are hoping.


Information was leaked last week by Wall Street Journal and Rueters that Google was working on a project with Motorola to create an 'X-Phone.' So, what makes this project so exciting? The first part is that it's said to be "an attack on Google's own partner, Samsung."  The second part is, we have all been waiting to see what would come of Motorola and Google, and this could be our chance!

Should the X-Phone take place, Google will have "complete control" of "development, distribution, and marketing," which could mean if Google says, "No bloatware!" There will be no un-necessary bloatware on this device.  It could be a fully functioning Google device like we all want.

The last two Nexus devices Google released did not pan out as well everyone had hoped. We had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which we all blame Verizon for ruining. Then we had the LG Nexus 4, which has received 'mixed' reviews.  Google wants to take on their competition, and that competition is Apple and Samsung.  Google wants a device that can be compared to the iPhone, or Galaxy Series and have a real winning chance at being the top contender or even better!


Motorola has the "latest R&D" not to mention has worked "with multi-core processors and mobile battery technology." The battery technology alone could make this device really great.

Brian Hall from Unwired View went on to explain that Android has been "a massive cost sink for Google." The amount of money Google has spent on acquiring Motorola, and then "marketing Android," developing products and services, and then having to pay carriers to distribute Android devices has not been the best practice for Google at least in the order of making money.

So who is making money off of Android? One word: SAMSUNG.  Samsung would appear to be an important factor to Android, but why? Brian Hall says that "all profits from selling Android headsets flow to Samsung."  Samsung has indeed become a big contributor in today's mobile industry especially in the world of Android.


Could Samsung be a bigger threat to Google than Apple? Anything is possible, and this is why the X-Phone makes sense. It could cause a 'limitation' to Samsung and their growing 'dominance.' The X-Phone could definitely be a secret weapon, and it will be exciting to see what becomes of the project should it hold up.

The X-Phone will then provide Google a very similar situation like Apple. All their own hardware and software, which will be controlled by them! It works for Apple, so why shouldn't it work for Google?

What do the readers think of this X-Phone project? What do you think Google's true motive is here?


Source: Unwired View

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