Google is "Pleased" with ASUS' and Acer's Cheaper Android Tablets; But Why?


It's perhaps strange to think of Google as a company that is "pleased" with tablets from two of their partners, ASUS and Acer, to produce and sell tablets that are cheaper than the Nexus 7. According to DigiTimes – yes, DigiTimes – that's just what Google are and they're more than happy to see Acer and ASUS succeed with these new, low-priced tablets.

Why on Earth would Google be pleased with such a thing? Well, there are a number of reasons why Google would be happy with this but the biggest reason is that it's all about the ads. With more and more of these affordable tablets comes more and more people browsing the web. That makes Google happy because pretty much every website on the web makes the majority – if not all – of their money from ads. Unsurprisingly, the company that dishes out the most amount of ads is Google.

With Acer looking to sell 600,000 units of its Iconia B and ASUS hoping to shift 5 million there could be a lot more users hitting the internet soon. It's perhaps the regions that these tablets are going to be sold in that have Google the most happy about, Asia and South America are the target of these new tablets, regions that Google would struggle to introduce the Nexus 7. Of course, most of these users are already on the internet but with tablets, it's easier than ever to get online and stay online for longer. The more time users spend on the internet, the more of Google's ads they'll come across and that understandably makes Google very happy, indeed. While Amazon is also heavily involved in ads, they're focused on the Kindle Fire line, meaning Amazon need to sell more Fires and Kindle Fires alone to make money from ads.


There's perhaps another reason Google will be pleased with these tablets undercutting the Nexus 7 and that's in the exposure of Android as a whole. Google need to start taking tablets seriously – they've needed to long before the Nexus 7 arrived – and perhaps more users all over the globe with convince developers to invest their time in developing quality apps for Android, just as the popularity of the iPad has developers coding excellent apps for the iPad and iPad Mini.

[Source: DigiTimes]

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