Google Hosting Pwnium Hacking Competition; Focusing On Chrome OS Directly


If you're a really big Android fan then are a few interests that probably go along with that; you probably really like Google's services and products and you probably also like to root and ROM your devices. So, some of you out there reading this might have the talents that Google are looking for once again this year. The search giant is once again hosting a competition to see if its Chrome browser and Chrome OS are really as secure as they make out. They did the same last year but this time around there is more cash on offer and with it, more importance on Chrome OS. Last year Google held Pwn2Own for hackers to try their hand at breaching the web but, they also hosted Pwnium to hack just the Chrome browser. Google are doing the same again but, there's money put up by the search giant this year and Chrome OS is at the focus.

There's a total of $3.14159 Million (nice one Google) which is a lot of cash, especially when they're inviting you in to their house to kick their dog, sort of. Last August when Google held the event, individual prices maxed out at just $60,000, this year individual prizes will range from $110,000 to $150,000. Putting up the money isn't exactly a problem for Google, they're not short of cash after all but, doing so goes to show just how serious they are about security. For someone who lives in Chrome and owns a pair of Chromebooks, it's nice to see. This year Pwnium is only open to attacks on Chrome OS on its own, with Pwn2Own a generalized hacking fest.

Putting Chrome OS in the line of fire is an interesting move for Google and one that suggests a renewed focus on the platform, it's been chugging along for some time now but in the last year it's gained some real traction and it looks as though Chromebooks are favorable in the face of Windows 8. This year's competition will be held in March 7. Take a look at the source link to find out more and, let us know in the comments if you're going to try your hand at taking down Chrome.


[Source: Chromium Blog]

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