Galaxy S II to be Update to Jelly Bean in February in Singapore; What About the Rest of Us?

When it comes to updates, there's perhaps no other device out there that is lagging behind like the Galaxy S II. While it might be Samsung's flagship of 2011, it got it's update Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung promised an update to Jelly Bean - of the 4.1 flavor - some time ago. However, this update has been pushed back time and time again with it beginning to look like it might not ever happen. Now though, there is news that the device is going to get its update to Jelly Bean in Singapore. So, while that does mean that Samsung are going to update the phone after all, and that they have a fairly definite time frame in which they want to do it in, there's no word on the rest of the world just yet.

It's hardly encouraging to here that the release date is February anyway, as we were hoping for something more like the end of this month but, it is good to see Samsung even trying to get an update out for the device. After all, after the debacle that was the original Galaxy S - and phones based upon it - not getting the update to Ice Cream Sandwich so, it's good to see the Korean manufacturer update their phones a little better. Android 4.1.2 is apparently the version number that the Galaxy S II will get updated too and while that's not 4.2 it's still a good update to get. It'll come packing all of the headlining features of Jelly Bean, such as Project Butter to enhance speed and responsiveness, expanded notifications, an improved camera and the newer gesture type keyboard.

Just when the update will go live everywhere else is another thing altogether but, in Europe there shouldn't be too much of a wait and we'd expect something like the beginning of March but, the U.S. is obviously a lot different. Carriers in the U.S. are notoriously difficult when it comes to letting updates through their grasp and we wouldn't be surprised if the update got delayed as far back as May, especially if you're on Verizon.

[Source: CNET Asia]

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