Fulton Innovation Will Show You How to Charge Your Phone With Your Tablet at CES


Wireless charging is a technology that a lot of us have been waiting to really hit the mainstream for a while now. Having to charge a device once a day – sometimes twice a day depending on your use – isn't something we enjoy doing, but when it involves all sorts of wires and adapters, it gets that little bit worse. With wireless charging, there's the possibility to charge your devices with little to no hassle. During the last couple of years we've seen it gain ground and it's pretty cool when you see it in action. While not exactly a "problem" with wireless charging but one issue is that it's not exactly portable and you need a fair amount of space to set it up properly.

Fulton Innovation – the company behind Qi and all things wireless charging – have something pretty intriguing in store for us at this year's CES. Having wireless charging everywhere you go would be pretty awesome, right? Well, that's just what Fulton will be showing off, technology that can turn your tablet into a wireless charging pad. With the new tech you'll be able to charge your Qi compatible smartphone from your tablet, turning that Android slate into a sort of powermat.

It sounds like very exciting technology, after all more and more of us are carrying around two devices – a smartphone and a tablet. I think we all know which one of those devices we could deal without and which of them we'd rather have in an emergency. Tablets often come with batteries twice the size of smartphones and having the ability to quickly and simply tap into that extra battery power sounds like a great idea. This sort of tech is going to be great in a pinch when you're super low on battery and miles away from an outlet, just have your tablet become the outlet you need.


This is just the first of some pretty cool stuff we should be seeing over the next few days and hopefully more Android-specific accessories will break out in the coming days. Take a look at the very short teaser from Fulton themselves:


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