Featured: Top 10 Best Android Games - January 2013

10. The Great Fusion

If you're looking for something truly different to play over the weekend then look no further than The Great Fusion, set in the year 2022, strange things are afoot and it's your job to come along for the ride. Adventure games like these are sorely under represented these days and that's a real shame because a lot of us remember growing up with games like these. I know I do, Carmen Electra, Sam & Max and here's another game to add to that list. Well worth giving a go!

9. Noah's Ark

Think you know puzzle games? Think again. There's a plethora of puzzle games available for Android and yet they all pretty much do the same thing they've been doing for years now - swipe down, swipe left, swipe up. That's fine if you're playing Tetris but I think we've moved on from that by that, right? With Noah's Ark you'll be tasked with using the accelerometer as well as the touchscreen to get a fuller experience that can be quite challenging indeed. Take a look at our review for more.

8. ExZeus 2

Who doesn't love big bad ass robots? Now strap some guns to them and give them some enemies to shoot and you're half way there. ExZeus 2 throws in some brilliant arcade gameplay that feels like the obscure Japanese cabinet at the bag of the arcade only the weird kids go and play. With some really good graphics and a strange, yet satisfying story there's a lot to love about ExZeus 2 and you'd be missing out if you didn't give the game a try!

7. Galaga Special Edition

Who doesn't want a little nostalgia to go with that game? Well, for those that are more than happy to relive their youth Namco are more than happy to oblige with another version of Galaga to play through...again. Seriously though, I've loved every version of Galaga I've played and this "special" edition should be pretty good as well, right? It's Galaga...just play it...and love it.

6. Old School Defense

Old School Defense is a game based around the hit Paramount movie and it's definitely a tower defense game but, there are some differences and no, there are no plants nor zombies here. Instead, you've got to defend against the Dean's old tricks that are trying to ruin your parties! There are over 30 different maps so if you're a tower defense nut then you'll have more than enough to keep you occupied here.

5. Ikaruga

If you've known and heard about Ikaruga then there's a good chance you either played it on XBLA or on the Dreamcast, like I did. Ikaruga was one of the last games to be released for the ill-fated Dreamcast and its quirky portrait layout finally has a place to call home - the ever-growing displays of Android smartphones. If you're into to space shooters and just games that have a sort of Japanese feel in them then you need to give this one a try, a great game, indeed.

4. ShaqDown

Zombies? Check. Unconventional Action Hero to save the day? Check. Basketballs...wait, what? That's right, ShaqDown is a game that puts all sorts of stuff into a pot and then comes out with an awesome Zombie game that has real character. ShaqDown is a great game that will have you defeating zombie mutant after zombie mutant like never before, with awesome cartoon graphics that make it feel like you're pulling the strings in a comic book. Can you master your "shaq fu"? Give the game a go to see if you can...

3. Tupsu

Tupsu is a strange game and that's not just because of its unique look but its control system as well. Now, strange does not always mean  bad - far from it - as Tupsu is a brilliant game. The problem is perhaps that it's a little difficult to explain. It's a puzzle game through and through but it's nothing like the ones you've played before. You've got to guide a fun-loving fuzzy animal through the levels to get through them. For those that are crying out for something fresh and new, this will fulfill your needs!

2. Anomaly Korea

When we talk about action games we're normally talking about first-person shooters or something like that but, what we seem to have forgotten is that our brains can often do more damage when we take a step back and actually think about things. With Anomaly Korea you've got to push back an Alien Invasion with sheer brutality, using your brain. With the top down view on the stunning action you've got to plot routes and make sure that you're on top of things as you go from map to map clearing out the Aliens. It's like a less graphically intense Crysis 2, sort of.

1. Temple Run 2

It finally happened. The sequel to one of the most played mobile games is finally here and it's brilliant. Often we appreciate games for their complexity or their visual prowess but, none of that really matters if the game is awful to play, right? Temple Run 2 is not the most stunning of games and it's not all that feature packed but, you know what it is? Crazy fun. Let's put it this way - since this came out, toilet breaks have gotten a lot longer at the office. Our own Justin Diaz wrote up a review of the game and he found it to be pretty damn good, so do the rest of us here at AH and this weekend is the weekend you can exhaust the entire game and then wait forever for the next one!



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