Sponsored Game Review: Quantum Explorer


Some of the most fun games are not always the conventional titles, or those that we genuinely relate to. Sometimes it's good to try something new and in the case of Quantum Explore, you should be prepared to try something very new, indeed. If you're looking for high-quality 3D graphics and super-fast action then you should turn away now. However, if you're looking for a game that is genuinely different and something that will have you thinking, then read on to see what Quantum Explorer is all about.

Description: Explaining Quantum Explorer is perhaps a little bit difficult but, essentially the game is a sort of dungeon crawler strategy type of game. It works very well and you've really got to think your way out of problems. There are a lot of interesting and fresh environments for you to play through and each one is different from the last, which makes for a different game almost every level. Now, you might have noticed that the graphics for this game are a little…different. That's because you play as an observer within the universe and you have to rely on electrons to help you as you beat each level and defeat enemies. Take a look at the video below for more info:

How it Works: Before you start to explore the universe, you'll have to go and install the app from the Play Store, which isn't too difficult is it? After a short download you'll be able to play the game:


2013-01-16 08.41.54

From then on you'll be given an introduction into the game and what you need to look out for in order to survive, first up is an explanation of how to move around the game:

2013-01-15 19.20.04


As well as this, Quantum explorer will also explain how atoms can help you along your quest:

2013-01-15 19.20.10

When you start to play the game, you'll be greeted with a number of levels, obviously you'll start at the beginning – which is easy enough but soon mounts in difficulty as you progress.


2013-01-16 08.42.43

That nasty little critter to the right of you is Iron, and if you come in contact with it then it's game over so, stay away! To combat Iron, you need to collect Cesium which you can see just to the right of the Iron particle.

2013-01-16 08.46.54


The portal in the above screenshot is the aim of every level, it's easy to get to in some but, very difficult to reach in others. You'll come across a number of different keys to unlock doors in your way as you progress and the more time you spend playing the game, the easier things will become. There are a lot of obstacles you're going to come across as you play though, like these annoying fellows:

2013-01-16 13.42.02

All-in-all when playing through the game there are a lot of opportunities to use your mind and I think that's perhaps one of the best things about the game, go ahead and try it out to see how good you are!


Opinion: At first I was unsure of how to approach Quantum Explorer but I soon warmed to the game and it's definitely a different game. This is not to say that it's a bad game, I enjoyed Quantum Explorer as I played through it and it genuinely reminded me of some old PC game that I hadn't played for years. It's well worth giving a go and while it takes some time to get used to it's a lot of fun. Graphically this could be a better game but for the most part it's an okay looking game.

2013-01-16 13.43.51


  • Speed (4/5) – There were no slowdowns as I used the app and it was always quick to launch.
  • Features (4/5) – It might be a strange game but, Quantum Explorer is a game that will get you thinking and give your brain a good work out.
  • Theme (4/5) – You can't say that this game isn't unique, it's got a cool look like no other game out there and while it isn't for everyone it works well here.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid game to get your brain working, Quantum Explorer won't disappoint and it's a game everyone should try.


  • Unique level design makes for an enjoyable experience each and every time.
  • Strategy elements to the game make it good for those into puzzle type games.
  • Fresh and unique look makes Quantum Explorer one of the most interesting looking games around.
  • Funky soundtrack sounds good and matches the levels.


  • App won't resume from your phone going to sleep, instead you'll be sent back to the level screen.
  • Concept might be hard for some players to grasp.

Conclusion: If you're tired of playing the same old games over and over again, then Quantum Explorer might be one for you to try, it's a fresh take on the dungeon crawling genre with strategy elements mixed in. To solve problems you'll have to really use your brain and there's no one way to do a level, you can do things in a different order each time to exercise your brain. Using a 3D eye-ball to move around a game board might seem strange but it's very much something that you'll get used to and once you do you'll be knocking down level after level as you progress. If you remember playing games on the PC back in the day then this will be a great throwback to those days and for newcomers, it's a great chance to get your brain involved. Games don't always have to have the best graphics or the best gameplay to be a lot of fun and here, Quantum Explorer shows just that.