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For as long as video games have been around there have always been racing games. It seems that the human race is just obsessed with speed and thankfully, through the medium of video games we can get our fix of speed without hitting the road. A lot of rang titles for Android are going after the console market and trying to be as complete as possible but every now and then comes along a title that brings a unique spin with it. Hot Speed is one of those titles and its simplistic gameplay will not only keep you coming back for more but have you tearing your hat out with pleasant frustration. Read on to see why.

Description: Hot Speed is a game in which you're place on a multi-lane highway and you just can't wait for this traffic to get out of your way. As impatient as you are, you're given your choice of a high-speed car to get past all of this traffic and get where you want to go as quick as you can. There are a number of different vehicles to avoid and the longer you can last, the higher score gets. Read on to find out just how to get up to speed with this new racer.


How it Works: To hit the road and burn some rubber, you will first need to go ahead and download Hot Speed from the Play Store and then you can go ahead and start burning some rubber. It's an easy to get started with the game and after that you can start playing.

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First of all let's go and select a car, more of them are available to you as you progress through the game:


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Then it's off to burn some rubber, the aim of the game is to avoid traffic on the road and last as long as you can on an increasingly crowded stretch of road, it's a lot of fun and gets really addictive the more you play.



It starts off nice and slow, with little to no traffic but, the more distance you cover, the more likely it is for you to come across masses of traffic that takes some real negotiating. Dodging slow-moving cars is one thing but, then there's the trucks…



Yes, that's right. Trucks are not only slow-moving and awkward to dodge but they then explode, taking other vehicles out as well. You've got to be extra careful in avoiding these guys as they can cause some serious problems. Each time you pass a car – or truck – you gain 20 coins and these coins add up to allow you to get newer cars that come with more than one life, allowing you to survive a crash before it's game over.


Each time you complete a run, you're given a score and you can see how well you did:



Opinion: Being able to play a game with one hand is really quite nice, it allows for easy gameplay, quite literally anywhere. It's also very challenging to try to avoid traffic at such high speeds with only one hand, it can get pretty crazy at times. It's a whole lot of fun and it's really quite addictive as well, especially when you play enough to unlock some more cars, then it gets really addictive.


  • Speed (5/5) – It's a racing game, right? Of course it's got to be fast, and Hot Speed was very snappy, indeed!
  • Features (4/5) – Hot Speed might only be a game where you keep on truckin' but there are a few cars and the added benefit of it being super addictive to play.
  • Theme (4/5) – Graphics aren't fantastic here but they do look very nice and cars swerve and sound nice and meaty, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – If simple, addictive gameplay sound appealing to you then you can't do much better than Hot Speed, it's got everything going for it and if you like cars as well, then there's mostly no reason for you not to try this game.


  • Good-looking graphics with good sound effects.
  • Coins system encourages you to come back, time and time again.
  • Multiple choices for cars spices up the game a little bit.
  • Playing Hot Speed with one hand is easy to do and a lot of fun.


  • Starting from the beginning each and every time grows tedious.
  • Barely glancing a vehicle will result in a crash.

Conclusion: For those looking for a simple game to play with good graphics and some fast-paced action, then Hot Speed is definitely a game you should try out. It's a lot of fun to play and it's easy to pick up and play on the go which is something we all want when you're out. Not only is the game good but, it's really addictive, even as I was reviewing the game I found myself spending more time trying my best to get the high score, it's a great sense of achievement when you weave your car through a teeny-tiny gap and then boost up to full speed to gain even more distance. It's a great game to try out and one that doesn't ask much of you in return for having a boat load of fun.



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