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Everyone's favorite addicting continuous runner game is back in action with the sequel from Imangi Studios. Temple Run 2, as its name suggests is the follow-up to the wildly popular Temple Run that quickly caught fire with so many fans on iOS and Android alike. Temple Run 2 has just been released and while most have just started to get their hands on it, I have had it running on my Nexus 7 since around ten or ten thirty and have been playing it since.

Right off the bat I was drawn back into the amazingly catchy play style and literally haven't put it down until just now. The first thing you notice when booting up the game is the Graphics overhaul that Imangi has implemented. Talk about some eye candy compared to first game. Eye candy isn't all that's been added though, you'll quickly notice not long after playing, (that is if you can make it far enough to where it seems to start popping up) that new challenges and ways to blast through the temple have surfaced to make the game more interesting. You still mostly "run" through the temple, but Imangi has made things more lively and fun by adding in mine carts and zip lines.

New power ups are in play as well and new abilities will help you reach that previously unattainable "high score". On top of that, new playable characters will let you escape impending doom with treasure in hand as you can see from the screenshots below. The even cooler part here is that each character has its own special abilities. You'll have to play to unlock the other characters though. Imangi has set each one up to cost a certain amount of coins starting with 5,000. If you're not familiar with the temple run games 5,000 coins doesn't come just like that. It's not difficult per say, just takes some time. Factor in all the other stuff you could be spending those coins on, and it's a whole different story.


There are plenty of ways to obtain coins other than playing massive amounts of the game, (although those ways are no fun and come with zero bragging rights.) such as a "free stuff" option and micro transactions that will take you to the play store to purchase packs of coins and gems. If you have no faith in your play skills, go ahead and steep to this lowly level. If you value the look on your friends faces when they watch you smash their high score without using anything but what you earn from playing, then do just that. Play the game. The option to choose is nice though.

So far I have not made it far enough to unlock any characters but that is my next goal. Only 2,000 more coins to go! Run, Jump, turn, slide, and zip your way through the temple surrounded by beautiful landscapes to escape with the gorgeous and obviously valuable golden idle in your hands. How far can you run?

If you haven't already downloaded this game then I suggest you hop on the bandwagon now and see what the craze is about. I was able to successfully download and install this to my Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7, although it does not seem to have a very strict requirement setup as far as devices goes. The game is free to install but do remember there are some in app purchases that can be made. They are in no way mandatory though and purely optional. Anybody out there have a chance to play this yet? What do you guys think? Oh... did I mention that the monkey is bigger and scarier?

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