Sponsored App Review: iSayHello Communicator


Travelling to the four corners of the world has never been as easy as it is now but, getting there is only half of it, you need to experience it to make it worthwhile. What keeps us from enjoying ourselves quite as much as we ought to is the biggest barrier we face as human beings – language. Technology has helped us travel the world and now technology can help us communicate with people around the world easier than ever. Android is no stranger to translation apps and Google Translate is a great app but, what if we want something a little more comprehensive? Read on to found out if iSayHello Communicator will be coming you with on your next trip.

Description: iSayHello is an app designed to help you translate one language to another – nothing new there, right? Well, iSayHello Communicator offers a new approach to it all and it's designed to make communication on your travels a lot easier than it would be with a big book under your arm. With the ability to translate between up to 50 languages it's easy to communicate quickly and simply. The Pro app also has an offline phrasebook that will speak out phrases in the language you want to be translated to. For instance, from US English to German, and then between any of the 12 languages. The real star of the app is the voice translator that makes this a true communicator. Take a look at the video below to see more.

How it Works: To get started with iSayHello, you'll have to take a look at the app in the Play Store to see more about it. There are a number of versions available of the app. There is a standard version of the app and the Pro version of the app. Here I'm using the Pro version of the app. Once you've gotten your preferred language mix installed, you'll be greeted with the main menu of the app:


2013-01-19 17.56.54

The two main parts of the app are the Communicator and the Travel Dictionary. Let's take a look at the communicator first, after you've chosen the communicator you'll get a screen with two little monsters talking to each other:

2013-01-19 21.47.23In the right hand corner you'll see a microphone and what looks like a set of keys. When the microphone is alight that means that you're in speech mode and the reverse is true when you're in typing mode. Depending on how much ambient noise there is, typing your phrase might be a better idea. Touching either of the flags to the side of the monsters will change the languages. With 50 languages on offer there are a lot to choose from:


2013-01-19 21.52.51Once you've picked the languages you want to be translated between, touch one of the monsters to talk into your phone and then see the phrase repeated. This is great for those of us that speak more one language, as you can do it back and forth.

2013-01-19 22.12.09The Travel Dictionary side of the app is also valuable and it doesn't require an internet connection. However, it can only offer translations in around 12 languages. They're easily broken up into 11 categories and there's no trouble when trying to get a translation for a common phrase.

2013-01-19 18.07.56


Opinion: I can speak a number of languages pretty well – Spanish, German and Japanese – but over the years, my immediate knowledge has reduced to more words and sporadic phrases. With iSayHello I can make sure I get the phrase I'm looking for 100% correct. Meanwhile, for the members of my family that don't have too much knowledge with other languages it's something I'd be very happy in recommending. There are hundreds of thousands of apps but a lot of them aren't immediately useful – iSayHello's Communicator is super useful and you need to give it a go if you're going on holiday soon or travel often.


  • Speed (4/5) – iSayHello was very quick to use and phrases were spoken well to make sure you could hear them.
  • Features (5/5) – With 50 languages on offer, to translate your speech naturally and easily, there's no need to get lost in translation.
  • Theme (4/5) – It's not a good-looking theme but, it's easy to use and phrases are broken up well.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you're going on holiday this year, and need help communicating then you really need to give iSayHello a try and if you're a regular traveler you'll love the extra help.


  • Selection of 59 languages will help throughout most of Europe, South America, Asia and beyond.
  • Phrases are laid out in 11 different sections for easy use which makes it quick and simple to find what you need in a pinch.
  • When you need a translation it's laid out in text and spoken to help you either repeat it or have it spoken to someone else.
  • Quality app design shows and there were no issues during my testing.


  • Installation of TTS engines was a little clumsy on my One X.
  • More languages included in the travel dictionary would be good.

Conclusion: As someone who lives in the U.K. I don't have to spend too much time in the air to get to a foreign-speaking country. I've spent a lot of time in Spain but, I speak Spanish. Anywhere else and I might be struggling a little, with iSayHello I don't have to worry as I'll have all the phrases I need in my pocket, ready to translate at a moments notice. Google Translate – and others – are great but the humble phrase book is all a lot of us ever need and iSayHello is the pinnacle of the phrase book. Go ahead and give the app a try to see if you have room for it in your proverbial suitcase. From February 1st, for a limited time only, the price is reduced to just $3.99 for the Pro Version! That's a lot of content for the money!