Droid Weekly 1/6/13: CES 2013, HTC M7, OUYA, Tizen OS, and More


Welcome to the first Droid Weekly of 2013. While most of us were ringing in the New Year, many manufacturers and carriers were getting ready for CES which starts this week. Who's excited? There was no shortage of news this week, now let's get you caught up so you can get your Droid on!

In-Depth Video Overview of OUYA Gaming Console



This week OUYA gaming console's started shipping to developers. One developer was kind enough to put together some very comprehensive videos about the system. Read more

Editorial: What the Samsung Galaxy S4 Needs to Be More Successful than the Galaxy S3


It's no doubt that the Galaxy S3 was a very successful device. So what can Samsung do to top it in 2013? I wrote a thing, about what I'd like to see improved in the next iteration of the Galaxy S series. Do you agree with me? Read More


CTIA and MobileCon to Merge in 2014; Bring Mobile Show to end All Mobile Shows


Two of the smaller mobile shows, compared to CES, CTIA and MobileCon are looking to merge into one big event starting in 2014. Pretty good idea if you ask me. Read More

Ubuntu for Smartphones Announced

ubuntu os


This week many Linux geeks got excited. As 2013 began, Ubuntu for mobile was announced. The new OS was shown off on the Galaxy Nexus (Go Android!) and is expected to launch next year. Read More

HTC's Newest Flagship Device, the M7 to be Announced at CES Next Week?

htc-one-x-top-630 (2)

This is one of those things that might happen but probably won't. If you were a manufacturer and were looking to announce and launch a new device at CES wouldn't you have a Press Conference scheduled? Well HTC doesn't have one scheduled. So we'll have to wait and see. Read More


Could Samsung be Moving Away from Android with New Tizen OS?

Tizen - Samsung

Samsung has been rumored to be moving away from Android by bringing some new Tizen devices in 2013. But would they really leave Android? I don't think so. Read More

The Galaxy S IV Might be At CES After All; Behind Locked Doors



We all know that the Galaxy S4 will not be announced at CES, but that doesn't mean it won't be there. Samsung has to pitch the device to the carriers ahead of launch, and this is the perfect time. Read More

Google Confirms ASUS Google TV at CES; Perhaps Start of a Big Year for Google TV?


I really hope 2013 is the year of Google TV. But ASUS has been rumored to be working on a Google TV device already, and Google confirmed late this week. Read More


Truly Unlimited Data Coming Soon to T-Mobile Monthly4G Plans


In September T-Mobile brought unlimited data back to it's contract plans. Now on January 9th, unlimited data will be coming to their prepaid plans. Currently it'll only be the $70 plan which includes unlimited minutes and texts as well. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update Gets Detailed



Yesterday, some new details about the Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update were revealed, but still no concrete information about when it'll be available. Read More