Droid Weekly 1/20/13: Android 4.2.2, Sony Xperia Z, HTC M7 and More


So we know you're busy all week long, and you can't sit there and read every single topic we report on during the week. So this is your time to catch up on what you may have missed in the past 7 days. It's our way of helping you to get your Droid on!

Android 4.2.2. Caught on Video Running on the Nexus 4

Google Nexus4
Google Nexus4

So we've heard rumors and seen leaks of Nexus 4's in Brazil running Android 4.2.2. Now we've got it on video. Perhaps Google is getting ready to roll this update out? Let's hope so, it needs to fix quite a few bugs. Read More


LG Planning Full HD phone for Q1 2013, Optimus G2 coming this Fall


LG has left a sour taste in many people's mouth after the whole Nexus 4 thing, but they are looking to put out a full HD device in Q1 and bring the Optimus G2 this fall with some pretty good looking specs, and perhaps Key Lime Pie? Read more

Early Leaks of Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 Manufactured by LGĀ for Google I/O; Features, specs and Pricing



This week we saw some very early leaks of next generation Nexus devices. Now given how the Nexus 4 situation is, most of us believe this to be fake, and that Google wouldn't use LG for a Nexus device again. But we'll let you be the judge. Read More

Sony's Xperia Z Wins 12 Awards at CES; Did it really steal the show?


I'd have to say the Xperia Z did in fact steal the show. Sony's new 5-inch, 1080p water resistant device that was shown off at CES won a ton of awards. But will it be as popular among consumers? That's the real question. Read More


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Feature a 6.3-inch Display and Run on Exynos 5 Octa CPU; Samsung Also looks to Replace Apple Orders


Isn't a 6.3-inch display kinda big for a phone? Samsung appears to think otherwise. At CES, Samsung was also in talks with many other manufacturers to persuade them to use Exynos chips in their devices. Read More

Possible Specs for 8.0" Galaxy Note GT-N5100 Leak Out; MWC Reveal?



We've heard rumors of a 7-inch Note coming from Samsung, could it be this 8-incher? It sure looks like Samsung is trying to hit all sizes with their Note line lately. Would you buy a 8-inch Note tablet? Read More

Nexusgate: LG Blames and Points Fingers at Google for Nexus 4 Supply Issues


Who is really to blame for the Nexus 4 supply issues? We may never know. Especially with both LG and Google saying its the other person responsible. But one thing is certain, it needs to be fixed ASAP. Read More


Could this Render be HTC's Upcoming M7; Headed for MWC in February?


More leaks of the HTC M7? Of course. At least this render looks much better than the ones we saw earlier this week. It looks pretty similar to the Droid DNA/Butterfly without the red accents. Read More

Motorola's X Phone Debuting at Google I/O with Key Lime Pie?



Here's something to get excited about, it's been rumored that Google and Motorola have been working on this X phone, that is supposedly going to be a Nexus on steroids type device. And it's coming to Google I/O? Read More

Tegra 4 Not as Fast as Apple's iPad 4 A6X CPU?

tegra4 ChipSet photo

Well here's some Android vs iOS stuff. The new Tegra 4 processor announced at CES earlier this month seems that it's not as fast as Apple's dual-core A6X processor that's in the iPad 4. Read More