Droid Game Hub Weekly Jan 19th 2013: Sand Slides, Asphalt 7, Gene Effect, Real Racing 3, Temple Run 2 and More!

Super Hexagon Soon To Make Its Android Debut

Super Hexagon was quite a popular iOS and PC title from last year. It is a game where you must navigate a tiny little triangle around the perimeter of this hexagon and continue to do so while other shapes and designs close in around the hexagon. The key to sustaining a longer life here is to move your way around the hexagon to a spot where there is an opening or break in the lines or shapes that are closing in around you. Seems simple enough right? It's a lot more difficult then you think, at first anyway. You are constantly moving and at a faster and faster pace, with changing colors and changing shapes. So there seems to plenty to keep you occupied and to make you lose focus on the ultimate goal. Keep your eye on the prize however; and you will be rewarded with the next level.

The good news here about this simple game is that it's confirmed to come to android very soon. It's just finishing up in final testing says the games creator, Terry Cavanagh. The one downside is that the game seems to have major issues with the Nexus 7 and compatibility with running smoothly. So alas, for us Nexus 7 gamers, we'll have to wait for either a fix later on or maybe never play it on that device. Time will tell, in any case though, the game is on its way and should arrive for most other devices shortly. Anyone actually played this game yet?




Sand Slides Arrives On Android, Proves To Be A Rather "Grainy" Puzzle Game

Sand Slides, for those of you that may have played the game on ios, is quite an interesting puzzle game. It made its way over to the play store on Monday so if you're in for a little puzzle solving action you might want to go give this a look. The idea behind the game is simple, match the color of sand that appears in the containers at the top of your screen with the appropriate colored container at the bottom. Nothing to it. Except, don't forget this is a puzzle game. As you get deeper into the game, you will have more limited amounts of time to get the sand from one place to another but you must make sure the other containers of sand go in their proper place. This can prove to be difficult when you have less and less time on the clock with each new turn. If you're into the puzzle titles and don't mind dropping a Washington, hit the play store link and check this game out.







Asphalt 7: Heat Starts Pushing Ads OTA To Players; Must... Supress... RAGE

If you've played even one measly little game from either Gameloft, or Gamevil or any other number of other games on android you should more then aware of the ads that hit your notification bar OTA. It was a big thing for a while and it really got out of hand. So much so, I had to uninstall the games that they were coming from just so I could keep my sanity. Ok, it wasn't quite that bad but it was running a little rampant for a tad bit.

As annoying as this is for most, how many people really expected this not to happen with Asphalt 7? Gameloft is notorious for Airpush ads in many if not almost all their games, including the paid ones. The Dark Knight Rises had Airpush ads. It was a damn $7 game!! Just because it's paid doesn't mean we should expect to see an ad free environment. Or should we? The fact of the matter is, Gameloft does this with just about everything, so it shouldn't be as enraging as it probably is. On one hand, I can understand the, (forgive me for saying so) "heat" this has stirred up among the community of gamers that play Asphalt 7, but on the other hand, this is typical Gameloft. So it should have been expected sooner or later and just be accepted, end of story. That is my personal feeling and I know not everyone will agree, but that is how I look at every Gameloft game. If you too can do this, you will be much happier should these annoying little buggers pop up now and again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Hmmmm, seeing a trend?

I get it, paid games should have no ads. However, that is no longer the case and it has been that way for a while. If we can just ignore them we just might all be happier. Or perhaps we should just revolt on the gameloft lawn?




Gene Effect: Explore Alien Worlds And Gather Resources

Gene Effect is an interesting little game that has some big qualities. It's an exploration game that will have you man a ship on an alien world, gathering resources deep underground in a mine. From developers Lightstorm 3D, Gene Effect has thus far provided me with hours of enjoyment and not a second of it was wasted. It's a side scrolling 3D adventure/arcade title set in space. Need I say More? SPACE! I was instantly sold. You're the pilot of a mining ship that is on a mission to rescue another ship.

While you're deployed you will need to gather up resources to send back to base and use alien technology to advance past certain points. Your ship is outfitted with various types of defenses should there be any hurdles that you come across and need to get past. There are plenty of different levels to play through each with multiple trophies to obtain and varying score levels for you to grab up should you be up to the task. It also sports a jukebox feature that will house all 25 unlockable music tracks from the game. Pretty neat! I threw down about $3.50 for this bad boy. So if you're interested, watch the video then hit the play store link and enjoy.







EA Leaks New Developer Diary For Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3. We haven't heard much about in months. That doesn't mean it's lost to the wind. It's still fresh in our minds but just to rekindle a little of that love EA has leaked the next developer diary for the upcoming racing title. The video features some new things about the game but focuses more on the tracks that races will be held on.

Firemonkeys, the guys behind the games development, talk about how they recreated the race tracks for in game realism and a richer effect of immersing you into the game. If you have seen the first developer diary and want to check out the second one, or just want to snag a peak at the tracks that this game will the video is below. iOS is supposed to see a relese sometime late next month. If we're lucky we may see right around the same time.




Temple Run 2 Invades Android On January 24

The smash iOS hit Temple Run that made its way to android last year has finally gotten the follow up sequel. The best part is, android gamers will see it come January 24. That's only a few short days away and we can back to running through temples gathering gems and gaining power ups to keep us alive and racking up points. Temple Run 2 gets a HUGE graphics upgrade which should be nice for you guys out there who love eye candy. Imangi studios has used the Unity engine to build up Temple Run 2 from the ground up. New tracks and new power ups have surfaced, so this should really make the game more exciting from a replay value standpoint. As addictive as the first temple run was, having all these extra improvements will make things fresh. New levels and new power ups mean new fun. Imangi has even added a newer, scarier monkey to keep you on your toes. Anyone else as excited as I am to try this out? Check out the Launch Trailer!





Wildblood Gets Long Awaited Update

Wildblood fans out there have something to finally rejoice about. If you've been playing it since its release you already the fun that Gameloft brought to the table with this title. For me it was a little bit of a letdown and I haven't picked it up since November. All that aside, Gameloft must have sensed that their game need some new life because they just released an update for the game this week. What's included you ask? Well, along with the new multiplayer mode, they also added a new map and three new weapons.

The multiplayer mode is called juggernaut and is a lot the infection game modes from past halos or the new zombie mode for Black Ops 2. You will have one player as the "JUGGERNAUT" and all other player are tasked with taking him down. The player that kills the Juggernaut becomes the Juggernaut and thus begins his reign and gains all his powers and abilities. The idea is to see who last the longest as the Juggernaut I'm assuming.

The new map that has been added to the game is called Haunted Castle and boasts some new weapons along with it. The Twin blade Crystal axes, the Excalibur sword and the Reckoning longbow. New armor is available as well. Along with all these additives to the game, Gamloft has stated that the camera movements as well as the controls have been updated and improved.  This is music to my ears because the camera movements in this game were atrocious. The controls weren't as bad but they definitely needed a facelift. Who knows, maybe this is just what wildblood needed for me to get back into it.





Sega's Kingdom Conquest 2 Smashes Onto Play Store; Dominate Your Enemies, Defend Against Their Advances

Kingdom Conquest 2 is now available on the play store for lovers of the original. For those who are unaware of the games type, Kingdom Conquest 2 is a mix of dungeon crawling, card battles and world building. All these elements to the game should prove to keep things from getting boring if you enjoy any one of these three genres. The game boasts online battle domination, where you can band together or divide and conquer. 4-player co-op dungeon battles with beautiful 3D rendered graphics, new characters (Swordsmen, Warrior, Mage, Monk, and Ninja) and skills, and new powerful cards and city building skills are just a few updates from the original game.

The game has a different view for every style of play throughout the game, so when you're building up your kingdom and amassing your vast army you'll see things in an RTS view, while the dungeon battles will be 3D. This gives the game a nice finishing touch and adds a level of excitement.

The game is available for free in the play store, so if you love card battles, RTS style action, and 3D dungeon battles to the death, this may be right up your alley.



Life Is Magic Out Of Beta; Location-Based MMORPG Action For All

If you have played an MMO or two, the repetitiveness of it all can get you down sometimes. To liven things up a bit, Red Robot Games has brought a Location-Based MMORPG to the ranks of the Google play Store for everyone's enjoyment. Previously, only those who got invited to the closed beta through a sign-up were allowed to play but that time has since now passed and the game is now available for everyone.

If you're thinking this is just another android based MMO and there's nothing to be excited about, well then you'd be wrong. Life Is Magic takes your location and uses it to generate the world of the MMO around you in a fully 3D rendered game. Just like a true MMORPG there are beautiful graphics and developed characters, dungeons, LOOTS (of course), and all kinds of magic, mystery and quests.

Life Is Magic is totally different adventure experience that'll allow the player to live the MMO in a different way than ever before. You can compete with players in your location to claim towers, participate in dungeon fights, buy powerful spells and unlock treasures. There are three character types: Mage, machinist, and monk. So far the game seems pretty good with a slew of features that could keep any MMO enthusiast engaged.


There is lots to do as well, because there are over 4 million + locations to be captured and claimed. Over 100 different quests which is kind of light but the game is brand new so future updates will most likely add quests as the game grows. Combat is based on a turn by turn aspect. Kind of like the jrpg style of older Final Fantasy games or Breath of Fire series. If you have yet to find an MMO you like on android. Give this one a shot and see if it's to your liking. The location element should make things interesting.







King's Bounty: Legions Now On Google Play

Those who have been playing games as long as they can remember may know something of the King's Bounty. Originating from older systems and computers, the King's Bounty series of games is a 3D style turn based strategy game where you have to build your character up and battle against opposing sides in PvP. This new addition to the series, King's Bounty Legions is based and built off the Unity3D engine so the graphics are awesome and beautifully rendered. Basically no skimping on the eye candy here.

There's plenty to do in the game as you can explore new worlds and grow your armies, run search missions and find treasure, and you can even try all the different units available in combat. Lots of locations and challenging quests should allow for many enjoyable hours of gameplay, and remember this is a PvP based game so you can compete in tournaments against others and even chat in real time to discuss your strategy and plan of attack against the enemy.

You can unite with other players to form guilds too, so if you like the multiplayer aspect of playing with friends, King's Bounty Legions has that. Building off of that, your account is linked between android and Facebook so you can play on either one, which may make it easier to play with friends. King's Bounty Legions is very tactical and requires a strategically thinking mind to dominate, or just a little bit of practice to get things down. If this is your style of game then you can find the download at the link. The game is free to play.

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