Droid Game Hub Weekly 01/26/13: Undead Slayer, Oil Rush, Asphalt 7 Airpush Ads, Tekken, Finger Army 1942 And More


One month into the new year and there's already some pretty exciting stuff happening in the android gaming space. This week gives us some interesting picks and truly fascinating previews of games to come later this year.

Undead Slayer Hits Play Store; Hack N' Slash Fun For All, Almost


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NHN Corp. Has just released Their Hack N' Slash game titled Undead Slayer onto the Play Store as of yesterday and So far it seems to be popular enough for a game put out by a one man development team. The game seems a lot like Dynasty Warriors. You play as a warrior from ancient china that must restore the peace by killing off all the zombies that have taken over. Endless undead hordes are the enemy, and you alone, armed with your sword and flurry of unique skills will have to take them down. There are 20 skills in all that will accomplish this task. Undead slayer has 90 stages total so it sounds like there should be a lot of replay value within the game. The game is free to play but it also has micro transactions within, so if you're someone that craves the immediate gratification, NHN has made sure you can play the game accordingly.

The only downside here, (and might I add it's a BIG one) is that the developer for some reason has chosen to make the game unsupported for anybody running a rooted device. I'm not entirely sure why NHN Corp. would want to limit their possibility to make a profit, but most certainly that's what's happening by cutting off people using a rooted device from playing their game. While it is completely within grounds of the developer's rights and free will to make this a feature of the game, I have to say that I am deeply disappointed by it and otherwise hope it changes. If you have a non-rooted phone or tablet and this game seems interesting to you, I have provided the link below so you can get your hack n' slash on.










Uningine Corp Dishes Details On Oil Rush RTS And Shows Off The Goods In A Hands On Video



If you're an RTS game fan than might be for you. Unigine Corp. will be releasing a full port of their PC game titled Oil Rush onto android next month. The sad news, is that it will be exclusive to devices running a qualcomm snapdragon s4 chipset. For how long, who knows. The game uses Unigine Corps. Own 3D graphics engine appropriately named, Unigine 3D, to provide the very best of eye candy. Thus far it looks to be one of the most visually striking games to ever hit the Play Store. Which makes it all the more of a letdown that it will be exclusive to Snapdragon processors. No Tegra love on this one guys. That being said, some juicy details have been offered up about the game for those of you that may fall into this small category of the android ecosystem and are looking forward to playing this game. The basic layout of the game is that the world's currency now relies on Oil, and you will have to build up your oil rigs to harvest it while keeping your own rigs and oil supply safe from others looking to steal your stash.


The game will have a lot to offer those that will have compatible devices.


-Stunning 3D graphics that have yet to be experienced before on mobile (every developer says this though)

  • -Giant battles with enemy's and fierce attacks to become the owner of all the oil
  • -Multiple game environments like arctic waters, Asian villages, sunken cities and more
  • -Multiple game modes: tower defense, survival, oil retrieval, capture em' all, save the hero, rescue, and more
  • -8-10 + hours of gameplay in campaign
  • -15 quick play maps for fast paced action against up to 3 AI opponents
  • -18 music tracks to play to


So far it seems like the gamers that will get to partake Unigines Oil Rush madness will have a lot to do. Hopefully the rest of us won't have to wait too long to get a taste of this made for android Oil Tycoon.






Gameloft Issues Statement Regarding Airpush Fiasco


In the last week or so, gamers that have been playing Asphalt 7 Heat had started to notice they were receiving notifications in their notification bars relating to what looked like ads from a service called air-push  which Gameloft has been known to use. This caused a huge discontentment with many if not all of the games players and thus, the Apocalypse was brought down upon earth and its inhabitants. OK so things weren't that serious but the issue did cause quite a stir with the Asphalt 7 community and rightfully so. Paid games just shouldn't have ads. Period. After some time had settled in here we are a week later and Gameloft has actually issued a statement regarding the whole thing. Here is what they had to say.

Some Android fans of Asphalt 7: Heat recently got messages from the game popping up in their notification tray. Clearly the extreme speed of Asphalt 7 got our Customer Care team a little dizzy, because they mistakenly told users who complained that the messages came from the Air-push ad system.

Gameloft is not using the Air-push service, and Air-push has nothing to do with these messages. It was an internal error and a dedicated team at Gameloft identified the problem and leapt into action to solve it faster than a NASCAR pit crew.

We would like to apologize to our users and to Air-push for any misunderstanding, as well as the inconvenience of experiencing the bug. Our trusty crew has confirmed that our Asphalt 7 fans on Android should never receive these notifications again.

See you on the streets of Asphalt 7: Heat!

It's good to know that the whole thing was just a bug, and that a fix has been applied to correct any issues users were having. Although it seems some people may still be receiving the notifications. Hopefully this gets completely corrected in a fast manner.




Tekken To Be Reborn As A Card Battle Game On Android


Fighting games these days are a dime a dozen, really good fighting games are few and far between. A really good fighting game on android? There is nary a day that I don't wish there was one. Alas, my fellow gamers, the fighting game scene is light when it comes to the play store I'm afraid. The good news here, is that at least we can have a game based off of one of the most popular fighting game series out there. Namco Bandai has decided to bring their popular Tekken Fighting game series to android in the form of a card battle game.

Following in the footsteps of games like Pokemon and others, Tekken Card Tournament as it is officially going to be called, will have you pick your line up o characters and special ability cards and so forth, out of your deck of cards and then you will be pit against another player to compete in turn based style battles. If you're not one for turn based card battle games I certainly don't blame you as I am not really into them much either. However Namco Bandai is trying their hardest to make sure this game has some flare. They want to keep the game fast paced so things feel like a traditional fighting game while you're doing battle. To do this they are adding a match timer to the mix to keep the player on his or her toes, by forcing them to make decisions more quickly like if they were in a fighting match and needed to react to fast movements from and enemy combatant. Now it's getting more interesting. Add the fact that it's Tekken and maybe I could get on board.

One thing that Namco Bandai is doing differently here, is giving players the choice and ability to decide whether they want to play the game with real cards or on their devices by letting players purchase booster packs. Once a pack of cards is purchased, the player can scan the cards into his or her inventory and they will then appear in game. This sets them a tad bit apart from the competition and should make things just interesting enough to grab in the people that love this sort of genre, and who knows, maybe even intrigue some new comers. The game could be coming soon so you'll just have to stay tuned here to find out when. They are already selling the physical booster packs though so the game can't be too far off.




Finger Army 1942 Is Not Your Grandfather's Whack-A-Mole

unnamed (4)

I haven't played whack-a-mole since I was a kid. I'm talking the real, traditional whack-a-mole. Now there was a time however when I did start playing the digital touch versions of the classic whack a mole game that started popping up on android. They were fun for a while but quickly lost their charm. Whack a mole games for lack of a better description just became, more of a time waster really. Finger Army 1942 aims to send a roundhouse kick to the face of that idea. It takes what we know and love about the whack a mole genre and puts the game backdrop into a World War 2 era to give things a fresh feel, in an attempt to break the monotony of it all.

unnamed (5)

It does a fairly nice job I might add. Just from watching the video I could see myself playing this game and getting into it. There are also no moles in sight. That's right. The little soldiers are fingers (hence the name: Finger Army. I know right? Who'd have guessed?) and you must tap them to win the battle. Plenty of bonus points, what look like multipliers, power ups and a varied army of finger soldiers all with different abilities should keep your toes here. Or, I suppose fingers would be the more appropriate word.

unnamed (7)

The game's developers Tin Planet did a nice job here and I think they have a nice little diamond in the rough. If you are interested in picking this up you can grab it for $.99







Death Track Puts Tunnel Racers To The Test In This TRON Like Futuristic Title

unnamed (8)

TRON always has a way of pumping me up. The lights, the neon, the futuristic landscape, and of course, the super fast badass light bikes that travel on a ribbon of light. Out of the many games to hit mobile platforms over the years mimicking the TRON style this newest addition to the lineup, Death Track, really goes all out.  Like all tunnel racers, you'll have to race through the tunnel corridor and dodge any and all incoming obstacles to continue advancing down the track.

unnamed (9)

The nice thing about Death Track is that it gives you the ability to do so while choosing to race in either a First Person or Third Person view, much like a lot of console racing games out there. This is a nice little add on to the game because sometimes 3rd person just feels more comfortable. Death Track gives you the ability to upgrade your bikes and use other abilities to help you race longer.

unnamed (10)

These boosters can help make or break a session. You can pick up Death Track for a cool $.99 in the Play Store but be aware there are some IAP's as well. They don't seem to be mandatory, which makes for positive impact on the gaming experience.




BIOHAZRAD 4 Creeps Onto The Play Store; Japan Only For Now

unnamed (11)

The popular console survival horror favorite, Resident Evil, or better known as Biohazard in Japan has entered our midst. The downside is that Biohazard 4 is only available in the Japanese Play Store at this time, and may very well stay that way. The game was exclusive to LG devices last year in Korea only and it looks like the availability has spread a little more to the east. If only it would keep going and hit western shores. *sigh*

unnamed (14)

Biohazard 4 features 2 games modes from what it sounds like; Story mode, and Mercenary mode. Story is self-explanatory. Mercenary mode is kind of like a time attack where you have to gun down as many zombies and evil monsters as you can. When I first learned this was out, I was thinking the same thing that some of you are probably thinking right now. I HAVE to pick this up!

unnamed (13)

The downside is what I stated above; Japan availability only. The silver lining in all of this is that if you are rooted and have the market enabler application, you can snatch yourself up a copy of Biohazard 4 for your survival horror enjoyment. Just be sure to have around $3.00 handy and the ability to read Japanese if you want to fully enjoy and understand the story. Anyone interested in trying this out?









Hills Of Glory Screenshots Surface To Show Off The 3D Awesomeness


Babel Rising's Mando Productions is at it again. Their newest project titled Hills of Glory 3D has gotten a few screenshots thrown out into the wild by the development team and it looks pretty damn good.

Hills of Glory 3D will be a tower defense game based around the World War 2 time period. You will have glorious battles across Europe and the Mediterranean. Defending your troops and points of conquest.


You will be able to deploy both ground and air based attacks at your enemy's for maximum efficiency. Choose the right combination to create an onslaught which the enemy cannot withstand.


So far it seems a lot different from your standard Tower defense style games. 11BitStudios Anomaly Korea and Anomaly Warzone Earth HD are perfect examples of what you can do with turning a tower defense game on its head though. So do expect this to be a lot of fun. No word on a release dates yet, but enjoy the screen shots to get hyped up.




Blitz Brigade Brings Cartoon Like Team Based FPS Action To Mobile


Anybody out there that has played Team Fortress 2 from Valve Corp on Steam can appreciate this game coming to the likes of Android and iOS. While not the only game to enter into this field, (The Respawnables is one I'm personally waiting on.) it is one that looks rather promising. Gameloft wants to tantalize us with this fun FPS style gameplay and have thrown out a teaser trailer for us. The trailer unfortunately doesn't display and gameplay what so ever, so we'll have to look forward to that in another video later on. The teaser does however get me psyched to see that this game exists.

The game seems like it will have a severely comical and almost Quentin Tarantino like  feel to it. Which, if the gameplay is like in the video, I say bring it on. I have never played Team Fortress 2, but mostly because I never really knew what it was. After hearing about this type of team based FPS, I have to say I'm rather excited about it. Gameloft is being pretty hush on the whole thing from details to release date. So keep an eye out for our updates.