Droid Daily 1/3/2013: HTC One SV, CES 2013, Nexus 7, and More


Jelly Bean coming to ALL Motorola Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx in Q1 2013


On Christmas Eve, a few people with the OG Razr and Razr Maxx received Jelly Bean OTA by mistake. Oops. Motorola has now said that everyone will get the update in Q1 of 2013. So target the next few months to get your update.


Vodafone Launches new Pre-Owned Smartphone Program


If you're one of those that want's a high-end device but without the high-end price tag, Vodafone has a brand new program to help you get one pretty cheap. They are selling pre-owned smartphones for pay-as-you-go or contract plans.

First AOKP Release for Android 4.2 Now Available



For you ROM Flashers, AOKP has just released their first build for Android 4.2. This is one of my favorite ROMs out there, and it's especially great on Nexus devices. Try it out at aokp.co.

WhatsApp Hits new Record of 18 billion messages sent on New Years Eve


On New Years Eve, WhatsApp broke their own record and sent a record 18 billion messages. That's great news, especially since the platform didn't crash.


Samsung GT-I8730 Coming with LTE


A new low-end Samsung smartphone, the GT-I8730 will be coming with LTE according to GLBenchmark leaks. It'll also feature Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean, and a 480×800 resolution display.

Reduce Lag on Any Android device with Seeder

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This new app is actually pretty cool. It will reduce the lag on your rooted device. Even if you think your's runs smoothly, just install this app and see how smooth it is afterwards. It's available on the Play Store.

Over the Top VOIP Users To top 1 Billion in 4 years


Not to surprising, but VOIP users to hit 1 billion in 4 years. With new technology coming out almost daily, I'd expect this to happen in even less time.


LG Bringing Smart Appliances to Vegas next Week


Well LG seems to think that 2013 is the year of the Smart Appliance. Now I've gotta say, it's definitely got my interest. Check out LG's site for more information.

HTC One SV with LTE now SIM-Free in the UK



Well that means it basically only works on Everything Everywhere right? But the One SV is available SIM-free from Clove right now for about £350 which equals $569 in the US. For the specs, it's kind of expensive, but you do get blazed fast and capped LTE speeds.