Droid Daily 1/28/13: Swiftkey, Cameringo, Nexus 4, CM10.1, Galaxy Note 2 and More


Google Wallet Gets Updated


Time to grab an apk and sideload it on your Verizon Galaxy Nexus or any other Verizon NFC device. Google Wallet just got an update to include a refreshed UI and some performance improvements. How many of you use Google Wallet? Download Google Wallet from the Play Store.


Intel Not integrating LTE into their Processors until 2014


Well if you were looking to get a device with an Intel processor anytime soon, you'll be going without LTE. As it seems Intel has no plans to integrate LTE until 2014. Sad news for those of us looking forward to an Intel device here in the US.

Sprint Galaxy Note 2 on Sale for $99



The Sprint Galaxy Note 2 has been dropped to $99 for new customers at Amazon Wireless. Not a bad price for a monster of a device that is the Galaxy Note 2. Who's planning to grab one from Amazon Wireless?

CM 10.1 Nightlies appear for CDMA Note 2


Today, CyanogenMod started pushing out nightlies for the Galaxy Note 2 on both Verizon and Sprint. So if you have a CDMA Galaxy Note 2 you can now go ahead and grab some CyanogenMod for your device.


Nexus 4 Heading to the Middle East


Well The Nexus 4 is making it's next stop in the Middle East. The launch in Saudi Arabia is "very soon" yet they can't even keep the device in stock in its original markets. Who else is fed up with the Nexus 4 sale?

Introducing Cameringo



Here's another app to get filters onto your pictures. Yes, it seems that lately, putting filters on your pictures has been "the thing" to do. You can grab Cameringo on the Play Store.

SwiftKey Flow Gets updated to a New Beta

Today, Swiftkey Flow got a brand new beta, bringing it to version It also brings a huge changelog. You can grab the update from their site, or use the link in the email if you're on their mailing list.