Corning Unveiling Gorilla Glass 3 and Promises it to have 'Ape-sized' Improvements



It's that time my friends, CES is in the air, and the Internet waves are starting to splash with news and leaks. It is starting to become an interesting time for Android sites alike. As news and leaks start to pour out, we are here to deliver the juicy tidbits. What's the tidbit this time? Gorilla Glass 3 of course!


Corning has unveiled what they are calling Gorilla Glass 3, and it's supposed to be glass aimed for the next generation of smartphones. How so? Gorilla Glass is offering Native Damage Resistance which gives 40% reduction in scratches that the screen can take, and it then boosts the 'retained strength' by 50% once the glass becomes 'flawed.'

Corning glass has been used by none other  than the big Apple for the iPhone and Gorilla Glass 2, which was released at CES last year, and was even used for the famous iPhone 5. So it will be no surprise that Apple will be one of many to use the "next generation" glass in their devices.

Now none of this means that devices with the Gorilla Glass 3 will be unbreakable or anything, but they will indeed be stronger and more durable, which is all we could ask for right? Something that won't scratch easily, and be strong and resistant in certain environments, including those that could potentially damage a screen.


This also doesn't mean that the Gorilla Glass 3 can't get scratches because it can, but the nifty thing about the Native Damage Resistance is that it "reduces the propagation of flaws, the appearance of scratches," and maintains the strength of the glass overall.

So will we get a chance to see this wonderful new Gorilla Glass 3? Since it was unveiled right before CES, you can be sure that there will be some showings at CES of some kind, and it will be a race to be the first to provide pictures and more detailed information on what Gorilla Glass 3 has to offer the world of mobile devices.

Who's excited for Gorilla Glass 3? Gorilla Glass 3 is said to be the 'next-generation' for mobile devices. Let us hope that it's as exciting as Corning makes it sounds, and I mean if Apple is using it in their devices, it has got to be good right?


Sources: 9 to 5 Mac / Engadget

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