Control Your Lights with Android as Belkin Introduces WeMo Light Switch

Image Source: Android Central

I have to say this is some pretty wicked stuff right here. Being able to control devices within your home is every geek's dream, while at least that is what they say, and being a geek myself, I find this type of technology absolutely amazing. What am I talking about? I am speaking of the WeMo light switch that was presented at CES 2013.

This light switch can replace your common household light switches that come with the Wi-Fi connectivity. Sweet right? The best part to this technology is that you can access it on your Android device. How cool would it be to get into bed, then realize that you forgot to shut the light, but hey it's all good because you can shut it off via your Android phone!

So what else can you do with this wonderful light switch technology?

  • Turn off/on from anywhere.
  • Schedule on/off times.
  • Do not have to be on the same Wi-Fi to access.

This feature has been a long-awaited by Android lovers, as it's only available on iOS currently. However, this all changes today. Now this lovely light switch will be available on Android and come equipped with an app on the Google Play store. This will open up a new world for Android users and for the WeMo.

However, it won't be available for just everyone yet. Come February, it will be available for Samsung Galaxy S3 devices, and other "leading devices" as well. Come summer time is when it will be released to others.

Now this type of technology is not something you hear about every day, and maybe that is because it was iOS exclusive. However, it's got a wider range of users now that it has been opened to Android and its clientele. The price is not yet available, but I'm sure it will be mid-range. When you do a google search for such a piece of technology you can clearly see the prices vary depending on who is selling it,  but I would imagine  it wouldn't be over $100 unless you want something fancy.


So who is excited to hear about this new development for Android? Would anyone plan on incorporating it into their home? We like to hear about what you would do with such a piece of technology in the comments below.

Source: Android Central